October 27, 2019

Your B*tchy Friend is Costing You BIG TIME.

I’ll give it to you straight from my own life: When I ditched my judge-y and “Negative Nellie” friend, my income increased $300,000 in one year. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Research and science back me up on this. Not only is negativity proven to be contagious, chronic complaining, distrust, and cynicism can create headaches, stress, mood issues…. even something as serious as high blood pressure and strokes.

And what about friends who won’t let you dream big without playing “devil’s advocate” or poking holes in your idea?

Last week, I was coaching a client about restarting her business, and she shared that she hadn’t done much of anything to grow her business over the last few years while she was going through a tough divorce. She wasn’t taking care of herself or doing the things she loved. She’d gone from enthusiastic and thriving to isolated and depleted.

“I wasn’t able to see it, because I wasn’t around the right people.”

That comment sent chills down my spine. I remember just how clear I became once I tightened my friend circle up and intentionally invited positive, supportive and truly kind people around me.

Post breakup, my creativity, energy and joy exploded and any form of hiding that I was doing to “keep the peace” with others burned away.

Listen, you don’t have the luxury of hanging out with people who aren’t interested in helping you grow and live your best life. It’s costing you your physical, mental and fiscal health. #factsonfacts

Get you a squad that believes in you, reminds you of who you ARE on your worst days, and hypes you up when you need it.

And if you don’t have one yet, join mine. You can sit with us. We love watching women achieve ALL THE THINGS.

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