January 19, 2015

Your body is a wise grandma. Your mind is a drama queen.

I was power-walking around the park, doing my usual loop, when suddenly I got a crystal-clear message from my body:
“Try to run! Do it!”
Whaa? Uh, OK. I wasn’t a runner, but it felt right, so… a little faster now… then a little faster… and… hey! I’m running!
Later, I found out that I had run 1.5 miles without even realizing it.
For a total couch potato (which I was, at the time) this felt like a miracle on par with the second coming of Jesus Christ. I literally couldn’t believe it.
But my body had spoken to me. I listened. And as a result? My world was different. Bigger. Better. Just like that? I was a “runner.”
In the seven years that have passed since my very first run, I’ve learned a lot about “body talk” versus “mind talk.” Many people struggle to tell the difference. I know I used to!
But it’s actually pretty easy to pick ‘em apart, once you know the clues.
Here’s a life coach-approved cheat sheet to help you out:
When your body is talking…

  • It’s usually short and sweet. (“Run!” “Hungry now. Please eat.” “Ow. Too hard. Stop.” “Don’t walk down that dark street.”)
  • There’s no “judgment” attached to the command. It’s just pure fact.
  • It sounds like a wise grandma dishing out practical, no-nonsense advice. (“Honey? Stop that.”)

When you listen to your body and do what it says…

  • You feel good, calm and proud. Like your world is getting bigger – not smaller.

When your mind is talking…

  • It’s usually long and rambling. (“Oh, don’t have that second slice of pie. No wait, do. No, you’re not hungry. But you might not have dinner until late tonight. You might get hungry! This can be considered a snack to hold you over. Pumpkin pie is a vegetable, right? Totally. It’s practically a salad! Ugh. Whatever. You’re gross. Eat it.”)
  • There’s a lot of “judgment” attached to the command. (The underlying feeling is: “You suck. A lot.”)
  • It sounds like… a drama queen on her third glass of cheap wine, having a minor nervous breakdown.

When you listen to your mind and do what it says…

  • You feel guilty and bummed out. Like you’re backsliding into bad habits. Like you need to hide. Like your world is getting smaller and dimmer.

To sum it up:
Your body is a wise grandma who wants you to be healthy and strong, feel great, do what’s right, and enjoy a full and beautiful life.
When your body talks, listen.
Your mind is a drama queen who wants you to flop on the couch for a whine-fest and then build a wall of excuses, isolating yourself from the world.
When your mind talks, don’t listen.
Can’t tell who’s talking?
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