February 16, 2020

You will never be 100% ready.

Have you ever met someone who is waiting for “just the right time” to have a baby, adopt a puppy, or start a business?

Sure, you can read books. You can get informed. You save your money. You can plan. You can make checklists. You can do your best to anticipate the obstacles that might arise and try to solve them in advance. You can work really hard to “get prepared” and “be totally ready” and “do things perfectly.”

Preparation is a good thing.

And yet, when it comes right down to it, some things in life are beyond preparation.

Un-plannable. Un-knowable. Powered by pure faith.

There comes a moment—the moment of choice, the moment of heroism—where you just have to hurl yourself into the unknown with your heart wide open. 

Because when you decide to do something wild, brave, and new—there is no way to prepare for what’s next. Not really. You will never feel completely ready. You will never be completely ready. If you are waiting for that moment of 100% readiness, you will be waiting forever. 

I did not feel ready to live-stream the Bare documentary film. But I did it anyway. Was it a perfect film premiere without any hiccups? Nope. Did we pull it off and have a fabulously exciting night? Hell yeah.

I did not feel ready to become a parent, become a coach, become an entrepreneur, or a TEDx speaker. (I panicked right before my TEDx talk and my husband Scott had to give me a major pep talk backstage.) And then I went onstage anyway. In a hot pink suit.

There are two ways of viewing the world:

– It is never the right time to do something terrifying, bold, and amazing. 

– It is always the right time to do something terrifying, bold, and amazing. 

Which will you choose?

How will you live?

PS. You will never feel 100% ready. No matter how hard you prepare. That’s a fact. So, if you will not feel 100% ready today, or tomorrow, or next Friday, or next year…why not just do it today?

PPS. Like they always say, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

PPPS.  Feeling FOMO about not signing up for my BARE Life Coach Certification programWe’ve extending the start date to March 11th! Deets to apply for your spot here. 



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