May 26, 2019

You tell her what I said.


How come when Bruno Mars says, “I gotta kiss myself, I’m so pretty”… the Internet rejoices, unanimously celebrating his adorableness?

But when Beyonce says, “I am a star, ‘cause I slay”… the Internet becomes outraged about her stuck-up attitude? (And also the fact that she’s too black/not black enough/too political/not political enough/etc/etc)?

How come when Usher takes off his shirt, selects a fan from the audience, and treats that special lady to a half-naked couch dance onstage… he’s a stud?

But when Cardi B reveals that she used to work as an exotic dancer, or dares to post a video of herself twerking on the Internet… she’s a slut?




Anybody else notice a pattern here?

When men do certain things, they’re often touted as heroes.

When women do very similar things, they’re called “bitches” and “whores.”

The message that circulates in our society is,

“It’s OK for men to be sexual, outspoken, and go after exactly what they want. But women? Shut up and sit down. Know your place. If you don’t? Prepare to get shamed.”

This troubles me more than I can express. In 2019? Really? STILL?

Is there a solution?

What can we do about this?

I don’t know if there’s a simple answer to those questions.

But I do know that whenever I see a woman who is expressing herself unapologetically, living boldly, and doing whatever the hell she wants to do with her body, her time, her talents, and her life (haters be damned!) seeing that makes me so happy I could cry.

If you happen to meet a woman like that, today, as you go about your business, please give her a message from me.

Tell her, “Hey. You don’t know me, but this lady named Susan Hyatt told me to tell you… to keep doing you. Don’t ever stop. No matter what anybody tells you that you are supposed to be or not be. You’re an inspiration. You do you.”

You tell her what I said.

And then you?

You go do you, too.





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