March 7, 2018

You have to meet these amazing women!

What is more inspiring than seeing other women go after their dreams and turn them into reality?

Absolutely NOTHING!!

That’s why I’m so excited to share some of the women that make up my Make A Scene Mastermind program with you.

These ladies are brave, kind, and ambitious lady bosses who aren’t afraid of a little hustle.

Aideen T. Finnola is an unapologetic and empowered survivor of physical, emotional, psychological, and religious abuse. For the first two decades of her life, she was raised by abusive parents who were zealous members of a religious cult; for the second two decades of her life, she was unwittingly married to an abusive man who was a closeted homosexual. Today, she is a practicing Martha Beck-trained life coach, public speaker, and author. She coaches and speaks all over the world, teaching others how to transmute their pain into empowerment. Her autobiography detailing the insights she has gained on her own healing journey is called My Exquisite Purple Life.

Brooke Keeling is a burnt out realtor turned multiple six figure business owner and guru of doing things your way. She has found a love for personal growth and development and passion for helping women create a life and business they LOVE.

Her mission is to empower women to be ambitious. Create businesses they love, be incredible mamas, life lovers, successful entrepreneurs. Leading the way to more success in business and life than you could ever dream of while finding balance and happiness in your life. She believes that we were all put on this earth for a purpose. That we have gifts within us that are meant to be shared with the world and that when we step into those gifts and allow the light inside us to be seen on the outside, magic happens. This is the foundation of Love your Living.

Indira Pierrot is a former stockbroker, network marketer, and current director of business development in a women’s empowerment company.

She has been dubbed the “Sales Slayer” because she helps women entrepreneurs who have a message they want to shake the world with but feel like they would rather stab themselves in the eye with a dull pencil then to be aggressive and sleazy in their sales approach. Indira believes that you dictate your income as an entrepreneur through two things: your mindset, and mastery at sales.

She has a relationship based approach to sales and says, “It never feels wrong to share with people you care about when you find something you think will help them…That is what true sales mastery is… sharing and serving.”

You won’t find her spamming, and using “hope marketing” (where you’re doing things for your business “hoping it will stick”)… None of that! She wants to help you level UP! You can join her Facebook group Elegant Entrepreneurs where we attract bit chase clients into our businesses over at

Kara Loewentheil is a former lawyer, academic, and think tank director who made every parent’s worst nightmare come true by leaving the Ivory Tower to become a life coach – and she’s never been happier! A graduate of Yale and Harvard Law School, she is now a confidence coach and host of The UnF*ck Your Brain Podcast.

Kara works with smart, feminist women whose anxiety and self-doubt are holding them back in their work and relationships. Her clients have spent years of their lives and often thousands and thousands of dollars pursuing the education, professional opportunities, and life milestones that they thought would finally vanquish their insecurity once and for all…only to discover that no job, relationship, or material object made them feel any better about themselves.

That’s where Kara comes in. She combines cognitive strategies, coaching tools, and whip-smart humor to teach you how to create the self-confidence that you need to get anything else you want in life – and to be able to actually enjoy it once you get it. Maybe most importantly, she teaches you how to enjoy – and dare I say it, even love – yourself. You can start here, with her Confidence Cheat Sheet – one little click can truly change your whole experience of life.

Michelle Barry Franco is a speaking coach for mission-driven founders, leaders and business owners. Her clients speak on stages of every size, from intimate local talks to coveted industry and TEDx stages. Through one-on-one speaking coaching and a beloved group coaching program, she helps them reveal the world-changing message they are meant to share, then craft a captivating and engaging talk designed to make the biggest impact with that message. She recently published the book Beyond Applause: Make a Meaningful Difference through Transformational Speakingwhich lays out the simple yet powerful path to using speaking as a path to thought leadership. You can learn more about and connect with Michelle at

Rachel Hart is a Master Life Coach who works with women wanting to change their drinking so that they can feel happier and healthier and have MORE fun in life. Her clients are tired of secretly worrying about their drinking and feeling like something is wrong with them because their attempts at change haven’t worked. Rachel teaches women how to change their desire to drink, feel more in control, and learn the secret to relaxing, feeling confident, and enjoying themselves without a glass in hand. Join The 5-Day Reset and get a week of video trainings to help you take a break, change the habit, reduce your desire, and re-train your brain.

Sarah Ellen is a Master Certified Life Coach. She helps smart women create secure and powerful relationships by improving them 10% at a time. Sarah believes that every woman needs a life coach. You can have her for free in her private Facebook group for women, Shameless U. Or you can work with her privately. Learn why clients say that “working with you truly changed the way I do my life.”

Shannon Rose coaches ambitious Mama’s to find their identity, passion and purpose beyond the washing basket! She is a Strength & Conditioning Coach & Nutritionist and always intertwines thought work with the basics of nutrition and movement to support her clients in reaching optimal balance in life! You can join her and some of the other ambitious Mama’s in her Closed Fb Group, The Mama Rising Pride. Her signature program, Mama Rising kicks off on the 16th March and we deep dive into the uncomfortable to bring immense quantum leaps in all areas of your life!

Spenser Brassard is a Certified Life and Fertility Coach for mama-bears who can’t bear waiting another month. Spenser helps women who are feeling alone in their journey, wondering “why me” and overwhelmed with trying to do everything “right” to get pregnant. Spenser shows big-hearted women how to successfully navigate the uncertainty of the fertility journey—by trusting in their body, feeling worthy of having that beautiful baby and creating more certainty – not less. You can learn more about Spenser’s private and group coaching packages here:

Susan Donnelly is a mindset coach for endurance runners who helps them change their results and their lives. She has run over one hundred 100-mile races around the world and two 200-mile races, finished top female thirteen times, and won first overall – beating the men – three times in the last two years. Her goal is to help her clients do things they wouldn’t have thought possible. She is launching a new package called Don’t Go Home Without A Buckle to help runners get their own 100-mile finisher’s buckle. She offers a free five-video series on An Insider’s View of Running a 100-Mile Race, and blogs weekly

I’m so proud of these ladies and the awesomeness that they are creating and sharing with the world!



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