November 13, 2016

You are SO ready.


Hey hey…

Just a quick note today! 

Enrollment for my weight loss program, BARE, closes in a few days, and I’ve been getting a flurry of last-minute questions from women who are considering the program. The #1 question I’ve been getting is: “Is this program right for me?”

Good question! Let’s discuss. 

Are you totally sick of…

– Avoiding family photos—or ducking into the back row—because you feel heavy and you don’t like being photographed. (Being tagged on Facebook is your nightmare.)

– Counting calories, carbs, protein grams, and/or Weight Watchers points, and feeling guilty if you “do it wrong.”

– Rushing out of the shower as quickly as possible because you don’t like seeing your naked body in the bathroom mirror.

– Gazing longingly at your “skinny jeans” and feeling like you’ll never be able to fit into them again. (And then viciously berating yourself for “having no willpower” and for “letting yourself go.”)

– Feeling intensely preoccupied with food—and your body—all the damn time. Like there’s a demonic song playing in your mind 24/7, and the lyrics go, “You’re disgusting. You’re fat. Oh, and also, don’t forget… you’re not good enough.” 

Are you ready—like, OMG SO READY—to stop doing and feeling those things? 

Are you ready to feel at home in your body—and at home in your life?

Are you ready to stop obsessing over calories and start focusing on your legacy—the big work you were born to do, the mark you’re meant to leave behind?

Then the answer is… YES. You belong here and you are SO ready for BARE. 

BARE is an experience that will change your body, upgrade your life, and help you to #takebackyourpower in a huge way. The program runs for 7 weeks, but the ripple effects last a lifetime.

Enroll here:

I have just 1 spot left for the Nov-Dec program (it’s a small group, just 10 ladies total) so jump on this if you want it!

Have an amazing weekend and I’ll see you on Facebook, Insta, and all the usual hang-outs! 🙂







P.S. I’m hosting a free training on The BARE Process, on Monday, November 14th at 12pm CT (the recording will be sent out after.). Sign up here to grab your spot.



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