April 8, 2018

Why you need a lot of money.

Once, a woman hired me for business coaching. I asked about her revenue goals.

She bashfully admitted to me, “Well, my husband and I already have enough money. We’re very comfortable. So, I don’t really need to earn more money. We’re fine. For me, running a business isn’t about the money.”

I’ve heard these words echoed so many times, from so many women.

“Money doesn’t matter to me.” “I’m not motivated by money.” “I’m not doing this for the money.” “Money’s not important to me.” “Oh, I don’t care about the money.”

I am here tell you…

Money is very important.

And if you care about helping people—if you care about changing the world—then you need to start caring about money, too.

Devi Lovato is offering mental health counseling and wellness seminars to thousands of fans—for free. Incredible, right? What makes this possible? Money.

Oprah remodeled a shelter for homeless kids, transforming the run-down building into a beautiful sanctuary, a place of pride and hope. How? Because she’s got money.

Beyoncé runs #BeyGOOD and gives millions to provide college scholarships for girls, toys for kids whose parents are incarcerated, housing for people who’ve been displaced by hurricanes, and more. She’s doing so much good, for so many people. How? Money.

My friend Rachel is a mother of three, soon to be four. She’s the breadwinner of her household. She’s sending all of her kids to the best private schools. She’s buying a new home. She runs a thriving business, and she inspires thousands of women—especially women of color—to reach for more. I know that Rachel’s ancestors are watching from Heaven going, “Yes, queen, yessss! Get that money! Get all of it! We struggled and fought and died so that you could do THIS.” Is Rachel bashful and apologetic about earning money? No, she is not.

. . .

Money amplifies your voice. Money allows you to reach farther and serve even more people. Money pays for the flights and hotels on your book tour. Money builds that new school. Money launches the first female astronaut to the moon. Money pays the rent for the office where, right now, a team of attorneys work tirelessly to fight against unfair employment policies.

Money makes things happen. Money gets things done. Money is a big form of power.

I want you to have all the power that you can possibly have. Please don’t shy away from this power. Embrace it. Harness it. Use it to do wonderful things.

With more money, you can do even more good.

With more money, you can play even bigger.






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