February 17, 2019

Why are you doing all that by yourself?

My client was basically choking back her tears and asked, “How do you get ALL that stuff … done?”

Listen, I remember what it was like to do everything myself. I remember when my own coach was riding me hard about not producing pages for my first book.

“How can I find time to write when I am hustling all day, plus raising these kids?” Back to back client sessions, learning online technology and a Catholic school nun calling me daily about Ryan made writing time seem like a fantasy.

But now, 12 years into this gig, I have consistent help. And I rally the troops and hire more help when things get shitty.

Studies (aka #facts) show that women still do the bulk of all of the family stuff and have less free time than men. Why? Because even if you have the most helpful spouse or partner, women are conditioned to be the point person and family manager.

Watch this hilarious personal story:

But don’t get bitter. Get down to business. Hire help. Here’s how:

1. Assess your energy leaks. Keep a time log if you need to. Identify the time and activities you could delegate to someone else in your business AND your home.

2. Hire help as soon as you can.  Start by asking yourself, “How can I outsource things to make more money and save my sanity?”

3. Leverage that extra time and turn it into more business. And more down time.

You do not have to do it all alone. In fact, you shouldn’t.

My business employs a full time Executive Assistant and Marketing Director, and a part time Community Manager. I also employ various contractors including a Facebook ads specialist, sales copywriters, two different PR agents, a bookkeeper, an accountant, a reiki master and a partridge in a pear tree. LOL

For the home, I have a part time personal assistant, weekly housekeepers, lawn service etc. My personal assistant runs errands, cooks my food, does my laundry and makes my life easier.

I’m sharing this because you need to know that it takes a freaking village. No one “makes it” without a whole lot of help.

Oh, and Ryan? Ryan ran out of money and suddenly started talking to me again. LOL.





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