December 18, 2016

Who is that woman in the leather pants?


“Who is that woman in the leather pants?”

Bonnie spotted “that woman” walking into a conference back in 2014, and her eyebrows scrunched together with disapproval. 

“Leather pants? Here? This is a conference for life coaches and personal growth industry professionals, not a BDSM demo session! Those pants are not appropriate,” Bonnie thought to herself. 

She eyed “that woman” again. Long blonde hair. Heels. Way too “sexy” for a professional gathering like this one. 

Then, things got worse. “That women” got up on stage—turns out, she was delivering that hour’s presentation!

“Oh GREAT,” Bonnie thought to herself, wondering why she allowed her friend to drag her along to this particular workshop. She silently judged the lady in the leather pants, wondering what on earth this silly workshop was going to be about. “How to slither into tight leggings”? “Stiletto strutting 101”? Ugh. 

And then “that woman” started to speak.

(As you might have guessed, “that woman” was me.)

The topic of my workshop was: “Flying Your Freak Flag.” I told the story of how I used to feel totally stifled and repressed in my previous career. How I used to wear beige pantsuits and blazers because I thought that’s how I was “supposed” to. How I kept my hair a certain length because I thought that’s how “good moms” look. How I lied to myself, stuffed down my feelings with food, and felt terrified about people seeing and knowing the real me. How life coaching changed my life—and why today, I believe that it’s so important to reveal who you REALLY are in your life and business.

By the end of the workshop, several women were laughing, crying and inspired—and Bonnie was my new biggest fan. Bonnie has become a long-time client and fervent supporter. Recently, she told me the story of how she reacted when we initially met, back in 2014, and we both laughed about it.

As this story shows, when you’re brave enough to “fly your freak flag,” some people will instantly be attracted to what you’re doing, some people won’t, and some people might feel confused at first, but you never know… later, they might become your biggest fans! Bottom line: flying your freak flag is a good move, and honestly, what’s the alternative? Repressing yourself for the rest of your life? No thanks.

Flying your freak flag can mean: 8a65530295dae178da30ae3af3abf0be

— Wearing leather pants at a professional conference. 

— Wearing a WILD FEMINIST t-shirt to the PTA meeting.

— Wearing red lipstick or a backless dress just for fun, and just for you.

— Writing a blog post to share a part of your story you’ve never revealed before. — Making a donation to the ACLU and telling your Facebook friends all about it. — Sharing your stance on Trump and the outcome of the election. 

— Taking a strong stance on anything, really. 

There are a million and one ways to wave your freak flag. Don’t hold back. 

The more proudly you wave your flag, the faster you’ll magnetize the right types of people in your client roster, into your community, and into your life. 

Sure, some people might judge you. Let them judge away! Meanwhile, you’ll be having the MOST fun—rocking your signature look, speaking your mind, owning the room, and using ALL of your captivating, bold feminine power. 

You know what they say: freaks have more fun! And in business, I’ve found that they have loyal, die-hard fans and earn more money, too. That’s why I’m not retiring my leather pants anytime soon. I fully intend to wear leather into my 80s. Not even kidding.





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