December 6, 2015

Who is on your squad?


If your parents are obsessed with weight and body image issues, there’s a high probability that that you will struggle to maintain a healthy body image as a grown up, too.

If your coworkers are grumpy and hate going into work, you will be heavily influenced by their emotions. (Science has proven: just like infectious diseases, emotions are contagious.)

When you are surrounded by negative emotions and problematic attitudes/habits, you will be influenced. Pursuing your goals will be excessively challenging, like fighting against a riptide.

The reverse is true as well.

Surround yourself with healthy role models, positive phrases, uplifting images, heroes and champions and believers, and they will influence you, too.

Sports psychologists have found that athletes who surround themselves with positive messages/images/self-talk consistently outperform those who do not. Our brains are sensitive machines! The ideas that you feed into your mind directly influence your behavior.

Positivity in, positivity out. Passion in, passion out. Courage in, courage out.

Which brings me to my question of the day:a51582657c51e8b3a573311d2e71791d

Who is on your squad?

Who are your top cheerleaders? Your BFFs? Your role models? Who are your true believers? Who do you turn to for advice, mentoring, and support? Who energizes you? Who lifts you up? Who loves you, baby?

About 18 months ago, a “friendship” left me feeling drained and disrespected, I made a personal commitment: I will not turn to anyone for “advice” or companionship unless that person is living a life that I respect and admire.

Can you say that about your closest girlfriends? Your colleagues? Your clients? Your boss? Your spouse?

Are those people (the people closest to you, the people you spend the most time with, the people with the greatest degree of influence on your life) leading lives that you respect and admire?

If not… It might be time for a new squad.

Or at the very least, a series of honest conversations.

Negative emotions & choices are contagious. Positive ones are, too.

Make sure you are feeding your mind the good stuff.


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