November 5, 2015

When It Starts Pouring, You Have A Choice


It’s easy to sometimes forget how wonderful things are.

Especially when my teenager is having a relapse in sanity. I strongly considered giving him away on Craig’s List. Instead I took his car and turned off his cell service. Trust me when I say I am saving all of the details for my tell all best seller, Raising Ryan.

And then someone took a screen shot of someone who consistently plagiarizes my content and messaged it to me. My hard earned life lessons being passed off by a copycat. Sigh.

I was fuming as I travelled from Indiana to Savannah.

I missed the fact the my flight day went flawlessly. The rental car place upgraded my car rental just because. My sister had a homecooked meal waiting on me.
Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 3.10.40 PM

I went for a run this morning and it started POURING. And I had a choice. I could curse the rain or I could let it wash me clean.

And when I made the decision to choose to run joyfully, all of the truth came back to me:

Remember who you are.
Everything is FINE
You get to do your best work this week. Don’t forget why you are here.

The best 5 miles I’ve had in a long time.

Let your body move. Listen to it’s wisdom.

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