November 7, 2018

What’s Your End Game?

It’s that time of year again, y’all!!

That time for reflecting on the past year and preparing for the year to come. Setting goals. Writing my End Game. Dreaming up new ways to make an impact. I am ALL IN for 2019 and peeps, I am PUMPED.


I’ve been running my coaching practice for 12 years and I’ve had many milestones in that time.


7 figures is definitely one of the big ones.

Helping another female entrepreneur reach her goal to pay for her kids college tuition in cash is certainly up there.

But NOTHING has been as monumental as when I hit my first 100K.

100K was a big deal. 


It was a big deal because that first 100K set the foundation for me to expand and reach every other income goal I’ve set since then.

It was a big deal because that first 100K taught me what I wanted in a business plan, but more importantly what I DIDN’T want in a business plan.

It was a big deal because it gave me to means to donate to the ACLU.

It was a big deal because nobody thought it was possible.


I remember when I quit my job in real estate to coach full time. The response I got from most people felt like a patronizing pat on the head. Like I was silly. Like I couldn’t actually make a decent living, and replace the income I was making in the top 5% of real estate agents.

100K was a big deal.

I remember what it took to get there. I remember how it felt once I did. I remember so vividly because while my income has increased, the foundation I built back then is still the foundation that supports my 7 figure practice.


What about you? What’s your End Game for 2019? What are your income goals? 

Are you a coach who’s pumped up and ready to hit her first 100K?


Wanna lock arms with me and 10-20 other coaches who are in the same mindset for 2019, but all have different strengths to share?

I am opening up the last of the available spots for my 2019 On the 6 Mastermind. If you’d love to spend the first half of 2019 Masterminding with me and a group of badass coaches all heading to their first 100k, fill out this application right here.

We’ll meet twice a month on a live video call.

We’ll have 6 one-on-one coaching sessions together.

We’ll have a 3 day productivity retreat in Savannah with the group and so much more.

Click here for more details and then come back here to fill out the application.

I can’t wait to watch you hit your first 100K in 2019, Boo.




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