January 22, 2013

What’s Wrong With You Is What’s Right With You

I was kind of a mouthy kid. While I was an honor roll student, I was also reprimanded pretty regularly for talking too much, being too loud, and having too much of an opinion. Recently, I found a ripped up old bag in one of my office cabinets. Inside were all of my report cards from Catholic School. I got such a kick out of reading all of the conduct reports. They were all pretty much the same:

Susan is not working up to her ability.

Susan talks too much and has other things on her mind.

Susan does not respect authority.

Yea, I’m pretty sure my talkative nature had nothing to do with a lack of “self discipline.” In fact, my extreme interest in talking and sharing ideas, the “other things” that were on my mind instead of algebra, and my ability to understand the difference between leadership that naturally earns respect vs authority who doesn’t necessarily deserve it, has served me incredibly well in life. These qualities help me build my company. What was “wrong” is most certainly what is celebrated ’round here.

So I beg you. Get out a little notebook. List the things that you were/are routinely shamed for….and see if you can’t make the case that these are things your human soul needs to cherish.




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