January 26, 2020

What’s on Your Yes List?

When you want to change your life, it’s pretty common to focus on all the things you want to subtract.

No TV on weeknights!

No cellphone in the bedroom!

No refined sugar, gluten, dairy, or alcohol!

No skipping workouts! Crossfit daily at 5 am sharp!

But the problem with making a No List is that it feels restrictive, boring, stressful, and just…not fun. 

This year, as you’re considering your intentions, try something different. 

Instead of a No List, make a Yes List. 

Instead of subtracting, focus on adding. Adding beauty. Adding pleasure. Adding things that feel great. Things you actually want to do!

Yes to reading an actual book in bed under a snuggly blanket.

Yes to connecting with friends face-to-face instead of just texting.

Yes to nourishing my body with beautiful food, slowing down, and savoring each meal.

Yes to moving my body in ways that feel great. 

You can achieve the exact same goals (less screen-time, less stress-eating, more physical movement, whatever you want to do) but you’ll probably reach those goals faster with a Yes List instead of a No List. 

The beauty of a Yes List is that it’s all about adding pleasure to your day rather than stripping it away. It’s an enjoyable list, so it’s much easier to get started and keep rolling consistently. You don’t have to push yourself to do it. You’re pulled to do it.

 What’s on your Yes List for 2020? 

Make your list. And let’s all start the Year with a big, beautiful, full-hearted Yes!

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