September 9, 2018

Whatever It Takes

There are two types of people in this world. 

There’s the person who quits when things get even the tiniest bit challenging. (“Whatever. I’m over it.”)

And there’s the person who doesn’t quit. Not ever. (“I’m all in. I’m doing this. Whatever it takes.”)

Every day, we have to decide, “Which type of person will I be?”

This isn’t always an easy decision to make. We all struggle sometimes. I know I do.

I had a REALLY rough workday last week. It was rocky right from the start. 

In the morning, I was leading a webinar with a colleague—and for some reason she couldn’t log into the classroom like she usually does. Our poor students had to wait around awkwardly for 10 minutes while we smoothed out the tech issues. Yikes. 

Right after that, I was scheduled to teach another webinar. That one? Complete train wreck. There was supposed to be an automatic email reminding students to show up. For some reason, that email didn’t go out. So only 70 people showed up for class instead of the 1,000 people who had registered. And then half of my Powerpoint slides were mysterious missing. I fumbled through my presentation and felt like a chump. UGH.

Two back-to-back bummers. NOT how I usually roll.

I felt annoyed at myself, annoyed at the world, annoyed at technology in general. Embarrassments for the day: Numerous. Victories, sales, and new client enrollments for the day: Zero. I could feel my energy plummeting. 

That’s when I cranked up a song called “Whatever It Takes.” 

That song became my anthem for the rest of the day. It turned my attitude around. I went from thinking “Ugh, everything is such a mess!” to thinking, “I am going to get things back on track. I am going hit my goals. This is happening. WHATEVER IT TAKES.”

You bombed during your webinar? Reschedule it. Try again. Round two is gonna be way better.

Your newsletter fizzles and leads to zero sales? Start re-writing. Send a new one next week. Keep at it.

You missed your workout this morning? Squeeze in some squats while you’re waiting for your Uber. Stretch while you’re cooking dinner. Find a way. Make it happen. 

Every day, you can choose to be the person who says, “I got this. Whatever it takes.”

Or… not.

What’s your choice today?





PS. Please send me your favorite get-pumped, get-going, make-shit-happen song! I am compiling a new music playlist for y’all (which I’m going to play at my FINISH STRONG event in October) so I need your fave tunes. Obviously “LEVEL UP” by Ciara is going on there. And some Beyonce. What else should I put?



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