April 15, 2018

What do millionaires focus on?

Once upon a time, I had a client who told me, “I want to be a millionaire.”

“Great!” I replied. I love seeing women rise and soar and make millions. Hell yes.

We reviewed her business plan, made some adjustments, and got her moving down the path to her goal. Things were rolling along.   

Then one day, she sends me a frantic text message. It goes on and on—you know, one of those 14-part texts where you’re scrolling downward for eternity and developing arthritis in your wrists. In the text, she tells me about a situation that’s driving her crazy. Basically, it all boils down to someone not promoting her store opening even though they sorta-kinda promised they would do it.

My client had been obsessing over this situation all day long. It was eating up her energy. It had already eaten up several hours of her workday. She wanted my advice on what to do.

My advice?

If you want to be a millionaire, please stop focusing on petty, trivial, insignificant drama. Focus on things that actually matter. That’s my advice.

I have several clients who are self-made millionaires. It’s very interesting to notice what these people focus on—and what they don’t focus on.

What my millionaire clients focus on:

– Creating valuable products, services, and experiences that customers love.

– Sharing their ideas generously and often: TEDx talks, podcasts, books.

– Shaping and improving the world, making society a better place.

– Self-care and rest so they can bring their A-game every day.

– Hiring the right people to take things to a new level.

What my millionaire clients do NOT focus on:

– Petty, trivial, insignificant stuff, like who re-tweeted what … who hasn’t replied to the invite yet… who didn’t share the link to your latest blog post even though they said they would… which webpage has a typo… or why Daniel didn’t write an endorsement for your new book even though you were a guest on his webinar last month so WTF, Daniel??!

There’s the big stuff. And there’s the petty stuff. Keep your attention focused on the big, important, money-making, world-changing work. Do not allow yourself to get distracted by petty nonsense.

Remember that every hour of your time is worth hundreds, thousands, even millions of dollars. Make sure you’re spending your time where it counts. 

Wherever you point your attention, that’s what grows.

Focus like a millionaire.






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