October 6, 2014

Want people to buy what you’re selling? You’ve got to show up.

Im launching a new business offering. How much should I promote it?
Should I do one newsletter to my mailing list or two? Tweet twice a day, or three times?
How many Facebook announcements is too many? Susan, what do you think?
I’ve heard questions like these echoed by dozens — if not hundreds — of coaches and business owners in my community.
Questions like these make me feel… frustrated. And not in a pent-up, sexy way.
Because — and I’m saying this with the utmost love and respect — these are the wrong kinds of questions to be asking.
Here is the right kind of question:
How can I show up for my people, every day?
Now we’re talking.
Because if you want people to hire you, attend your events, and buy whatever you’re selling… first? They’ve got to like, trust and respect you. They’ve got to think of you as someone with tremendous value to offer.
How do you get people to think of you, that way?
You show up for them.
You prove your value. You show the love. Through your content, your generosity, the ideas & insights you share. But not just when you’re launching a new offering.
Youve got to show up every. single. day.
This idea of “showing up” for your business audience isn’t a woo-woo, float-y concept. It’s extremely practical. It’s about your daily operations. Your behavior, as a business owner.
Need an example or two?
I show up for my peeps in all kinds of ways:
: By sharing uplifting (and sometimes downright silly) photos on Facebook.

: By posting blog entries filled with true stories that shake people awake — and make “self-help” more intriguing and fun.
: By hosting dinner parties in my backyard — and in hot restaurants around the country — to give ladies a chance to get together for some real, face-to-face connection and sisterhood.
: By coaching my ass off when I’m working with clients one-on-one and in my group programs.
: By pouring tons of love into every text, every email, every tweet — making sure my clients and students feel absolutely cared for.
I don’t always nail it, perfectly, but my intention is always the same:
Let me show you the love.

Even when I’m not “working,” I’m still showing up for my people.
For example… when I’m pushing my body to the limit at Crossfit, I’m learning HUGE lessons about discipline, fear and overcoming resistance that I can carry back to my audience — in a post, in a program, or a live onstage talk.
My clients, my readers, my audience… they’re always on my mind and in my heart.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Because when youre crazy in love, you want to keep showing up.
You cant NOT.
And I am most definitely in love with my work, my cause — and my people.
If you don’t wanna show up, you might be in the wrong business.
In the darkest night hour
I'll search through the crowd
your face is all that I see
I'll give you everything
Baby love me lights out
Baby love me lights out.

[listen to Beyonce sing it, here]
Take a cue from Queen Bey, a woman who knows what it means to bring the love — and give it your all.
Dont just show up when you've got something to sell.
Show up, every day, because youve got something to give. Something to share. Something to stand for.
Something to say.


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