June 10, 2014

Want more courage? Create some new “firsts.”

Remember the first time you rode your bike down the street, without training wheels?
Or the first time you swam all the way to the deep end of the pool, and back?
Or the first time you got a real, grown-up apartment — all on your own?
Or the first time you asked for a ballsy promotion at work?
Life is full of courageous firsts.
And each time you experience one, it’s like putting $100 bucks in your courage bank.
“I FREAKING DID IT!” your inner voice shouts. “And if I can do THAT, jeez … what ELSE can I do?”
But at a certain point in life, those big, dramatic “firsts” become a little less frequent.
We settle into homes, relationships, careers, comfortable routines … and those $100 opportunities just don’t come up as much.
The result? Our courage bank accounts stop growing.
And then, when it’s time to make a big, bold move — like launching a business, or leaving a marriage that’s not working, or pushing back when your boss makes a ridiculous request — we don’t have enough funds to spare.
“I don’t think I can do it,” that inner voice whispers. “I haven’t done anything that brave … for a long time. Or maybe ever.”
The solution?
Create some NEW firsts.
The grown-ass woman equivalent of riding your bicycle down the street without training wheels.
For me? It’s climbing a 50-foot rope at Crossfit bootcamp and jumping over obstacles until I (literally) pee in my pants. (So hot).

For you? Maybe it’s signing up for an improv comedy class, booking a nude boudoir photo shoot, asking a guy on a date (instead of waiting to be invited), or traveling to a foreign country, solo.

Create NEW experiences that leave you gasping for breath, dripping with sweat, astonished at yourself, thinking:

If I can do THIS, I can do ANYTHING.

Embrace those NEW firsts when they come, or create them on your own.

And you’ll build SO much courage, you might have to start handing out loans.



PS. What’s the most courageous thing you’ve done lately? (How many courage-bucks was it worth, in your mind?)



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