March 1, 2017

Want a SLAY DAY with me in NYC? [1 spot only]

When I think about New York City, the word that comes to mind is… ELEVATION.

That’s how I feel whenever I visit the Empire City. My mind expands. My energy goes through the roof. My aspirations get knocked up to a new level.

I love seeking out experiences that you can ONLY have in NYC—like taking a dance class at Beyoncé’s rehearsal studio (a highlight of my entire life) and seeing HAMILTON with the original Broadway cast (I cried through the whole show).

I’ve got an epic NYC trip coming up this April, and the timing is perfect, because I’m ready for a big dose of those empire-building, expansive, elevational vibes. Bring it on!

While I’m visiting NYC, I’ve got space on my calendar for one very special SLAY DAY.

Want to book that SLAY DAY with me? Here’s all the info…

. . .

“I dream it, I work hard, I grind ’til I own it.

I’m a star. ‘Cause I slay.” 


. . .

A SLAY DAY is a 1-on-1 coaching intensive. Totally luxurious, and 100% focused on you. We spend the entire day working together at a swanky 5-star location.

— What typically happens during a SLAY DAY? —

Multiple-six and seven-figure business models get mapped out. New books and programs get outlined. Outworn, self-sabotaging attitudes get kicked to the curb.

Major progress gets made. This is no ordinary day. This is your day to SLAY.

One SLAY DAY client told me: “This was the most productive day of my entire career.” 

— Everything that’s included —

– 8 hours of live, in-person coaching, planning, and world-domination plotting.

– 2 nights accommodation at the 5-star The Beekman Hotel. (You’ll check in on April 9th, and check out on April 11th, 2017.)

– Healthy, gourmet meals.

– Uber rides to take you everywhere you need to go.

– A 90-minute massage during your SLAY DAY experience—OR at a spa back in your hometown so that you have something special to look forward to once you return home. (Your choice.)

— Oh, and it gets even better… —

This SLAY DAY in NYC is double-special because I’m bringing along a special guest—my writing mentor, Alex Franzen.

That’s right. You get me AND Alex—working with you for an entire day—in the greatest city in the world. SLAYAGE times two.

If you want to write a book but you’re struggling to make it happen… if your new program description needs a major re-write… if you want to uncover the signature stories that you need to be telling online and onstage… Alex is the wordsmith you need.

If you don’t know Alex, prepare to fall in love…

She’s a published author. She recently signed a double-book deal for her next two projects. She’s led writing workshops in 17 cities around the world. She’s done copywriting, ghostwriting, and communication management work for all kinds of amazing companies—tech companies like Hewlett-Packard, celebrity-driven brands like Rachel Zoe’s DreamDry, and Internet superstars like Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo. Marie once said: “Alex is a GENIUS. I consider her one-in-a-million level talent with a killer combination of speed, intelligence, wit, charm and a gigantic heart.”

Alex is almost impossible to book for 1-on-1 work—she’s typically booked 6 months in advance—so this SLAY DAY is a rare chance to get some personalized attention. I’ve worked with Alex for the past 6 years, and I can promise: you will LOVE this woman and you’ll probably propose marriage to her by the end of the day. No joke.

If you want to book this extra-special SLAY DAY with me and Alex in NYC, you can sign up here:

FULL PAY: $10,000
PAYMENT PLAN: with deposit of $4998 

And if you have any questions, send an email to or send me a private message on Facebook.

YAAAAAY! Let the NYC countdown begin!




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