January 14, 2018

Wait ‘till you feel the BUZZ.

As a coach, I am constantly urging my clients to… “Act!” “Do it!” “Go get it!” I love seeing people swing into action-mode, because that’s what leads to results.


 Sometimes, in life, it’s NOT the right moment to act.

 If you’re recovering from the flu… if you’re drained and burnt out… if you’re hungry, thirsty, headachy, cranky, or feeling uninspired… if you’re grieving a recent loss… if your menopausal hormones have sapped the life-force out of you (I’ve been there!)… then that’s probably not the right moment to make a big decision. You need to recharge. And wait.

 Case in point…

 A few months ago, I was reviewing my business plan. I’ve got a retreat coming up with 12 clients in Italy. It’s sold out. I wanted to do one more retreat somewhere else—France? Spain? Some other place? I couldn’t figure out where to do it.

 I kept mulling it over, researching different options, but for some reason nothing was lighting me up. Clients kept asking, “When are you going to decide? What’s the plan? I’m interested in making a deposit!” I kept telling them, “Sorry, don’t know yet!”

 None of the options felt right. Plus, I felt tired from tons of recent traveling and my body was like, “No more airplanes right now, please.” So I waited. And waited. And waited.

 And then a few weeks ago, I had an idea that caused my entire body to BUZZ with excitement.




A 15th century British manor. Chef. Chauffeur. Butler. Hot toddies by the fire. High tea to celebrate the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And a day-trip to visit filming locations from my favorite TV show, Poldark. Oh HELL YES.

As soon as this idea materialized in my mind, I literally felt a tingling sensation all over my skin. I posted a little teaser message on Facebook and 50 people immediately said, “Please send me the details ASAP!”

There was so much energy and excitement around this idea. I could feel it. Other people could feel it, too.

That’s when you know you’ve got an idea that’s RIGHT ON and SO GOOD and arriving at JUST the right moment. You can actually feel an electric BUZZ throughout your body.

Moral of the story…

If you’re sitting on a decision and none of the options feel that great, just… wait a sec.

Sit on your hands. Don’t make a deposit. Don’t pull the trigger. Just hold tight.

In the meantime… Rest. Recharge. Refill your creative tank. Read an inspiring book. Wander through an art supply store. Expose yourself to new ideas and possibilities and ZING… pretty soon, you’ll get struck with a fresh idea and you’ll be feelin’ the buzz.

When you feel the buzz, it’s unmistakable. You’ll know that it’s time to act, time to launch, time to submit your proposal, time to do something wonderfully crazy—like order a custom Royal Wedding Celebration Hat and book a flight to England.

When the buzz arrives… it’s GAME ON.
PS. I have a few rooms left for THE ROYAL RETREAT: May 14-21, 2018. I know these rooms will get snatched up fast! Here’s all the info about the manor, the gardens, the tea party, all the fancy treats and activities that we’re doing on this retreat—and here’s where to make your deposit. Questions? Email support@shyatt.com. See you in the Cotswolds!



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