April 17, 2016

Uh… yes you can.


When Alexander Hamilton was 17 years, his village in the West Indies was destroyed by a hurricane.

Orphaned, impoverished, completely alone, he wrote a passionate essay describing the storm. His essay was so powerfully written, it inspired people in his community to scrape together enough money to send him on a boat to America so that he could get educated and seek a better life.

Hamilton arrives in America. Another penniless immigrant with big dreams. He fights in the Revolutionary War, then creates the nation’s first financial system, and the Coast Guard, and serves as Secretary of the Treasury, and starts The New York Post. 

What I am trying to say is…

If Hamilton—an orphaned teenager, destitute, with zero resources—can figure out how to get himself on a boat to America…

Then YOU, darling, can figure out how to get yourself to that writing retreat you really want to attend… or that vacation in Hawaii… or that family reunion in Albuquerque… or that fun dinner party happening across town… or whatever you want to do.

I mean SERIOUSLY ladies. b8fd285fc29e0525f6605b6f7f4d6bbf

YES. You can.

I have to be honest: I am growing tired of hearing women complain that finding the money and time to travel is soooo hard. (I spent decades making those exact same excuses, myself, so I am intimately familiar with them!)

Look, I know. It’s not always effortless. But if you want to travel, locally or internationally, it is doable. You are smart, creative and resourceful. If there’s something you really crave, you can always find a way to make it happen.

And for God’s sake—you’re not escaping a hurricane-ravaged island on a wooden boat. Most likely, you’re just heading online to book a plane ticket and a hotel room. Uh, honey, you got this.

Take a cue from Hamilton. Be courageous. Work every connection you’ve got. Make your dreams real.

Life is short. Don’t let yet another year go by where you postpone amazing experiences (travel, vacations, road trips, workshops, retreats) until “someday later.”

Get yourself on that boat, plane, train, or into that car.

Don’t sit there and wait for your chance.

Create your chance.

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PS. 64% of Americans do not have a valid passport. If that’s true for you, it’s easy to fix. Apply for a passport here. When you’re swimming in the Blue Grotto near Capri, you’ll be very glad you did.

PPS. I’m leading several amazing retreats this year! You can join me in Italy (2 new spots opened up), France (sold out), on a luxury cruise ship across the Atlantic Ocean, or New York City. With these experiences, everything is handled for you—accommodation, meals, excursions—all you have to do is show up. And I know you can find a way to show up. 😉



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