April 10, 2014

Tired of waiting for “somebody else” to make your dream come true? Read THIS.

“Sorry, Susan. We’ve tested the pilot, and the feedback we’re getting is that you’re not ‘dynamic’ enough, as a host. The networks just aren’t interested.”
When the producers delivered the bad news, it felt like getting kicked in the gut.
Kick number one. Not DYNAMIC enough? Yeowch. See also: WTF?
Kick number two. Damn. Guess my dream of having my own TV show isn’t going to come true, after all.
Sure, I wanted to host the world’s first reality show spotlighting true stories of human transformation — real people, transformed by real life coaching practices — but I’d been rejected by the Powers That Be in TV-Land. What more could I do?
Nada, I told myself. So for the next couple o’ years, I focused on growing my coaching practice, building my blog, doing my sassy shimmy across the internet, and helping as many people as I could. No TV show? No problem. I could let that dream go … for now.
Then, a few years down the road, I found myself sitting in yet another production room with yet another table of producers. This time, they had a different message for me:
“Great news, Susan. We’ve got a network that wants your show, and they’re drawing up the contract as we speak. They just want to make one tiny change — hiring actors to play your coaching clients, instead of using real people. Y’know, to create additional ‘drama’. You cool with that?”
Another kick in the gut. Um, no. I was NOT cool with that.
Creating “fake” drama felt completely inauthentic and wrong.
So this time, it was me doing the rejecting. I stood firm and said “hell no” to the glamorous contract with a powerful TV station. No TV show? No problem. I’d let that dream go once. I could do it again.
A few more years flicked by. I wrote a book. I raised my kids. My business grew. My life evolved. But that one dream — my very own TV show, inspiring thousands of women around the globe to create what they crave — just would not go away.
And one day, I realized:
I’m doing EXACTLY what I tell all of my coaching clients NOT to do.
I’m waiting for “somebody else” to make my dream come true.
And that … is NOT cool.
If I wanted my own TV show, I didn’t need to wait for the “perfect” producer or the “ideal” network or the “dreamiest” set of sponsors to swoop in and save me, like white knights riding in on a bunch of unicorns.
I could put together my own damn production team and DO this thing, myself.
What am I WAITING for?
Absolutely nothing.
And with that realization, I took the biggest dream of my entire career off the back-burner, and put it right in the center of the fire.
It wasn’t easy, but it was insanely rewarding — because I got to create the exact experience I wanted, without compromising my integrity, my personality, or taking unnecessary time away from my family. Booyah.
And today? I’m so fan-freaking-tastically excited to give you the pilot episode of my brand new TV series: Life Is Delicious TV.

Click to watch

Right now, in this moment, on the “birthday” of my show?
I feel MORE excited than I ever did, getting courted by hotshot producers or reading through contracts from networks who wanted to make me a “star.”
Because I made my OWN dream come true.
It doesn’t get more DELICIOUS than that.
PS. There’s a hot conversation rockin’ on Facebook today. Head on over and tell me:
My dream is ______________ and I am DONE waiting for “somebody else” to make it come true.
I’m gonna create what I crave, starting with ______________.
#LifeIsDeliciousTV #TheWaitIsOver




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