March 4, 2014

Tired of boring, bloated conversations? Take a small talk detox.

My teenage daughter Emily recently declared that she "hates small talk."
Weather? No thank you. Superbowl Ads? Please.
This girl wants to talk about the systematic oppression of women … world politics … and the future of the human race.
Emily is INTENSE. She's a 23-year old activist trapped in a 13-year old body. That's just who she is. And I love her to pieces.
And she got me thinking …
What if — the next time you hang out with friends, attend a work function, go on a date, or even connect with a client — you declared a moratorium on beige, boring, “safe” topics?
Out loud & proud, like Emily?
"I'm sorry — I'm doing a small talk detox. Will you tell me the story of your first kiss, instead?"
"Oh, actually? I'm deathly allergic to small talk. But I'd LOVE to know where you see yourself in five years."
"Can we skip the small talk? What I really want to know is … when do you feel like the BEST version of yourself?"
"Small talk, schmall talk. Tell me the sexiest thing your partner did, this week. GO."
"I've taken an abstinence pledge … for small talk. Let's go BIG. If you ran the country, what's the first thing you'd change?"
I'm willing to bet that a "small talk detox" will lead to some amazing conversations, deeper friendships, surprising discoveries and (if you're a life coach, like me) major depth with your clients.
A one-week detox? I'm down.
See you on the other side!

Now that "the weather" is officially off limits, what are YOU dying to talk about?



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