July 7, 2019

There’s Always a Way

“Got any plans for the Fourth of July?” a friend asked me, about a week ago.

I shook my head. Nope. Somehow, the holiday had snuck up on me and I hadn’t made any specific plans. This kinda bummed me out.

I didn’t want to spend Independence Day sitting at home on the couch watching fireworks…displayed on the TV. Hell no! This is the Summer of Yes, not the Summer of Blah.

I became determined to whip together an epic Fourth of July experience. I wanted to savor life and make memories, not collect dust sitting on my butt.

An idea materialized in my mind—Scott and I could take a quick flight over to the East coast. We’d stay at a quaint, romantic B&B in a small town. I could envision the whole weekend. Fresh fish with lemon juice. Lighthouses. Parades. American flags fluttering in the coastal breeze. Strolling arm-in-arm down the seaside promenade. Yes. The perfect Independence Day getaway!

Only problem was…all the good hotels were booked solid. (Apparently I wasn’t the only person with this “wonderful idea”!). The only rooms still available were at a sleazy-looking, lackluster 1-star motel, which had jacked up its prices for the holiday weekend. No thanks.

I felt momentarily deflated. My holiday dream was fizzling out like a soggy firecracker. Maybe this trip wasn’t possible. Not on such short notice.

But, then again…

There’s always a way.





























I went into entrepreneurial problem-solving mode. What else could I try? How could I make this work? There must be a way to create what I crave—what is it?

After an hour of fervent Googling, emailing, and calling, I had a new plan.

Screw the hotel.

We’re getting a BOAT.

I found a beautiful boat called As You Wish. (I took the name as a sign, of course.) They refused to do a two-day rental. Seven-day rental, minimum. Hard rule. No negotiating. Okay, how could I make this work? I messaged a client and pitched her a slightly-crazy idea: Want to spend a few nights on a luxurious boat with me—like, next week—and we can do 1:1 coaching and work on your business and income goals while floating down the coast? I sent her a photo of the gorgeous sailboat. She messaged me back: Uh, yes! BRING IT. I flew into action to confirm the boat, book my flight, and arrange all the travel details for my client. Oh, it was on!

Just like that, I went from having “no holiday plans” to having epic plans. Romance. Adventure on the high seas. A gleaming boat. And an exciting, revenue-generating client session, too!

Moral of the story:

There’s always a way.

Even if it’s last minute.

Even if all the hotels are booked.

Even if there’s a strict seven-day policy.

Even if it’s kinda crazy.

Even if it’s a little scary.

Even if it’s very spontaneous.

There’s always a way to create what you crave—and make your wishes come true.

Never take “no” or “sold out” or “we can’t” or “too late” for an answer.

Make your own answer.

Create your own adventure.





PS. And when the question is “Boat?” The answer is “YES!”
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