October 14, 2018

“Then” vs. “Now”

Have you seen this interview with the hilariously funny Leslie Jones from Saturday Night Live? Recently, she got nominated for her second Emmy Award. She’s so damn talented!

Watch the interview and you’ll see Leslie discuss some of her old acting headshots from 10+ years ago. Oh my gosh. These old photos are so awkward, so unflattering, and just… not… good… and it’s so funny to watch Leslie laugh and reminisce about the “olden days”—back when she didn’t have a big budget to invest in glamorous photos, and back when she was a struggling comedian trying to catch a break.

Leslie has come a loooo-ooong way since then.

And you, lovely person reading this email, I bet you’ve come a long way, too.













Sometime this week…

Sit down with family and friends, or sit down by yourself with your journal, and take a little trip down memory lane.

Consider what things were like “then” versus “now.”

Consider what things were like three, five, maybe even ten years ago. Back when you first started your business. When you booked your very first client. When you hosted your very first workshop. When you printed your very first business card. When you published your very first blog post.

Look back on the old photos, the old website design, the old blazer (with huge stuffed shoulder pads and giant plastic buttons) that seemed “so cool” and “chic” and “Parisian” at the time.

Have a good laugh. And consider how far you’ve come in so many ways—creatively, emotionally, perhaps financially, too.

Oftentimes, life feels like such a crazed, busy rush. The months and years fly by so quickly. We forget to pause and acknowledge all that we’ve survived, all that we’ve accomplished, and all the ways we’ve grown. This week, take some time to celebrate all the miles you’ve traveled, both personally and professionally.

You’ve come a long way, baby.

And the best is yet to come.

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