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Ana Micka, COO, Online Advertising and Marketing Expert

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Patti Rantapaa, Head Coach

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Carrie Green, Project Manager for The Agency

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Larissa Zozula, Coach and Community Manager

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Holly Colvin, Creative Director

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Brandon Gabriel, Videographer

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Mason Betsch, Ads Account Manager

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Mallorie Cloum, Writer and Social Media Manager

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Alexandra Franzen, Lead Writer

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Ana Micka, COO, Susan Hyatt Inc.

What she does: Set up systems, nails down strategy, and keeps us pointed towards our goals.

She’s incredible at: Creating systems to bring more clients and more money to your business. She’s got the golden touch!

Fun fact: Lives on a farm with sheep, horses, chickens and more animals. And wrote a best-selling book on canning and food preservation!

Patti Rantapaa, Head Coach

What she does: Coach our clients empowering them to shatter their limiting beliefs, build their coaching businesses with systems and pleasure, while guiding them with accountability.

She’s incredible at: Helping you become wildly successful, but without burning yourself out.

Fun fact: She has a collection of holiday pajamas, pjs for every occasion!

Carrie Green, Project Manager for The Agency

What she does: Manage projects, answer a zillion emails, and miraculously turns visions into stunning websites, successful sales pages and emails that get opened!

She’s incredible at: Focusing, following up and delivering the goods.

Fun fact: She doesn’t like coffee and her favorite food is brussel sprouts.

Larissa Zozula, Coach and Community Manager

What she does: Coaches clients on strategy, empowerment and stepping into their best selves.

She’s incredible at: Bringing a caring, kind spirit into everything she touches.

Fun fact: In addition to being a certified Life Coach, Larissa is also a licensed aesthetician, and a photographer!

Holly Colvin, Creative Director

What she does: Creating beautiful branding, inspiring design…making websites, sales pages, products, books, and everything else look ahhhhhh-mazing!

She’s incredible at: all things COLOR!

Fun fact: She used to be a belly dancing & Bollyhop performer! You go, queen.

Brandon Gabriel, Videographer

What he does: Produce all those smokin’ hot Go Time TV episodes and other videos, too!

He’s incredible at: Making everyone look great and feel comfortable on camera!

Fun fact: He lives a double life. He’s a videographer by day and a rapper by night!

Mason Betsch, Director of Ads for The Agency

What he does: He’s the wizard behind ads manager.

He’s incredible at: Bringing calm and kindness to the chaos of online advertising.

Fun fact: He’s managed over $50 million in Facebook ad spend!

Mallorie Cloum, Communications Coordinator and Social Media Manager

What she does: Wrangles Ontraport, manages all emails, webinars, challenges and more and keeps the socials poppin’

She’s incredible at: Queing up a 10-email campaign and posting a dozen Instagram Stories all before teaching a 6:30am GRIT class at the gym.

Fun fact: She can jump higher than anyone we know!

Alexandra Franzen, Lead Writer

What she does: Write emails, blog posts, newsletters, website pages, program descriptions, podcast and TV episode scripts, worksheets, checklists, and more.

She’s incredible at: Twerking.

Fun fact: She doesn’t have any social media accounts. A woman of mystery!

Bianca Garcia, Executive Assistant

What she does: Well, what doesn’t she do?!

She’s incredible at: Juggling contractors, calendars and client communications with grace, skills and a smile.

Fun fact: She climbed a volcano in Guatemala before a mission trip to build a home for a large family.