February 26, 2017

The qualities of being “ALL IN.”

Lately, I’ve been having lots of conversations with my clients about the importance of being ALL IN. 

Not “sort of.” Not “halfway.” Not “maybe it will work out.” ALL fucking IN.

Are you ALL IN on building your business? 

Are you ALL IN on taking exceptional care of your body? 

Are you ALL IN on saving up for a 40th birthday trip to Paris? 

Or are you just SAYING you’re fully committed when actually, you’re surfing social media, poking around inside your inbox, dithering and procrastinating, Netflix bingeing, and whining that it’s all so hard?

Some of my clients are ALL IN. Some are not. Some are right on the edge. The clients who decide to go ALL IN are the ones who succeed. Doesn’t matter what type of goal or experience they’re chasing. When they go ALL IN, they win.

Here are the qualities of being ALL IN:

– You have decided: “YES. I’m doing this. It’s non-negotiable. It’s a MUST.” 

– You feel it in your bones. There’s no “maybe” about it. You dream about it. You’re hungry for it.

– You design your entire day with THIS GOAL as the centerpiece. It’s your top priority. If that means setting your alarm for 5am so you can knock out some work before the rest of your family wakes up, you do it. 

– You seek out information to help you make it happen. If you feel like, “I don’t know how to do this…” then you get out and you find someone who does, and you get their advice. BUT…

– You don’t get stalled out in the info-gathering phase. You gather info and then you make decisions quickly. You act. You implement. You keep sprinting forward.

– You tell EVERYONE about what you’re doing. Your BFF. Your colleagues. Your hairstylist. You say, “I’m doing this…” and “I’m searching for…” and “I could really use some help with…” You know that every conversation could lead to something magical—maybe a new idea, a new client booking, or an opportunity to sublet your friend’s cousin’s mom’s apartment in Paris. Who knows?

– You are willing to look stupid. You are willing to face the risk that “it might not work perfectly the first time around.” 

– Most of all, you’re SICK of feeling the way you currently feel. You’re bothered. You’re frustrated. You’re DONE with “the way it is,” DONE with “oh, maybe next year.” You’re fired up for change. You’d rather be able to say, “At least I went for it…” rather than feeling regret that you never tried. 

True story:

Years ago, a client hired me to help her build a new business. She’d recently moved to a new state. She wanted to finally launch her consulting practice. Each week, I gave her a couple of assignments to complete. And each week, when we got on the phone, she’d tell me she hadn’t been able to complete anything.

“What happened?” I’d ask.

She always had a list of excuses. One week, she told me:

“Well, I wake up naturally, without an alarm, so I get up whenever my body clock says to get up. Sometimes, that’s as late as 9am. And then I go for my workout. By the time I get back home, make my fresh juice, have a shower, and do my hair—you know, I have really long, thick hair, so this takes about an hour—then I have to give my parakeet her medication, and by then, it’s almost lunch time. After lunch, I really only have about 3 hours to get anything done before it’s nighttime.” 

I responded by saying:

“DUDE. I’m saying this with all the love and respect in the world… WTF? Set your alarm for 6 or 7am. Get up early. Get your sweat on. Quit spending an hour with your juice machine, and an hour with your blow-dryer. Buy some cold-pressed juice at the store, get your ass home, and get to work.”

If you don’t want to go ALL IN, that’s fine. But if that’s the decision you’re making, then don’t complain when nothing changes. Either go ALL IN, or cross that goal off your list and admit that it’s not a real priority right now. Because it’s never going to happen until you’re fully invested. 

I’m not saying this to be “mean.” I’m saying this because I want you to have the experiences you crave. Because I want you to win. You know what you’ve got to do…


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