July 30, 2013

The “duh, so obvious!” epiphany that got me into O magazine.

When I first got certified as a life coach, I was one timid little kitten.

I wanted to be a good coach — no, one of the greats! — and for me, that meant following in the footsteps of self-improvement icons that I deeply admired. (Cough cough Martha Beck!)

The problem with modeling your business after somebody else’s? It doesn’t leave much room for your own stories, quirks and life experiences to shine through.

And without your stories, you’re just a walking PowerPoint presentation — lots of helpful bullet-points and tips, but not a lot of soul. (Kinda sad. Totally forgettable.)

And then, a couple years ago, I had a “duh, so obvious!” epiphany.


People don’t remember facts & figures. They remember how you make them feel.

And the best way to make people feel something?

Tell a true story.

That little epiphany completely changed the way I write, speak & coach. Soon afterward, I told the story of how my brother-in-law nearly died — and was told he had 100 days to make it.

Suddenly, all of my coaching mumbo-jumbo about “living your life to the fullest” and “not wasting a single breath” took on a completely new resonance. The response — online & offline — was tremendous. All because I told a true story.

Since then, telling true stories has allowed me to move, inspire & motivate thousands of people.

It’s paved the way for sponsorship deals with IKEA and Seattle’s Best Coffee, and even a recurring spot in O magazine.

It’s helped me to connect deeply (and quickly) with new clients.

It’s changed the whole shape of my business.

And today, I want to know …

What’s one true story — a goofy story, a sad story, a love story, a story about your best friend, your grandma, your husband, your boyfriend, your high school English teacher — that you’re ready to tell?

And who needs to hear it?

I want you to tell that story, today. To anybody who will listen. Online, offline, in a handwritten note.

Because telling that story? It’s not just going to make you a rrrreally good coach.

It’s gonna make you the ONE they’ll remember.



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