July 15, 2018

The angel in the mirror.

A few weeks ago, I accidentally dropped a beautiful vintage mirror. The glass shattered. Little splinters everywhere.

My first reaction was, “Aw, fuck!” I love that mirror. Now it’s ruined. 

Then I had superstitious moment. You know how they always say, if you crack a mirror, you get seven years of bad luck? Noooo. We’ve already got Trump for four years. I don’t need more crap on top of that!

I posted a pic of the broken mirror on Facebook. 

What happened next was fascinating… 

Several people commented on the photo and said things like, “Yikes!”  “Uh oh!” “Oh man, that’s bad luck, I’ll say a prayer for you.” 

But then one woman commented with a different perspective. She said, “If you turn the mirror sideways, you can see an angel.” 

She was totally right. The shattered glass made an angel-shape. I didn’t notice until she pointed it out. 

Then other people started chiming in with their own perspectives. “Maybe it’s not bad luck,” one person suggested, “Maybe you’re just so beautiful that you broke the mirror!” “The mirror was too small to contain your power!” One person mentioned that there’s a Wiccan ritual where you shatter a mirror when you’re ready to release whatever you don’t need in your life—the illusions holding you back! 

It is amazing how changing your perspective can change the whole story. 

Is it seven years of bad luck, or an angel watching over you? Is it an expensive business failure, or a priceless lesson? Is it a frustrating injury, or your body wisely urging you to slow down? Is it a break-up, or a break-through into the best season of your life? Is it an annoying flight delay, or a chance to call your best friend from the airport and catch up and laugh until you’re both crying?

You see what you want to see. And if you don’t like what you see, you can choose to see something new.

I choose to see the angel in the mirror. I think she sees me, too.






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