April 19, 2020

The 1 Email You Can Send

Just a gentle reminder that your choices (hand washing, self-quarantine, etc.) impact other people’s lives and families. 

This includes your financial choices, too. 

Many people are stressed about resources right now—and many are making sudden, abrupt, reactive decisions about their money. 

Many people are emailing business owners to say:

– “Cancel my appointment.”

– “Freeze my membership.”

– “Stop my subscription.”

– “I need a refund.”

When one person asks for a refund, it’s tough. 

When a huge avalanche of people ask for a refund, it’s more than tough. It can be devastating. It means that gym, yoga studio, wellness clinic, coaching practice, or other business you love so much…might not exist next month. It means employees have to be laid off and  health insurance premiums don’t get paid. This is serious stuff.

Before you ask for a refund, please pause. Consider the ripple effect of your actions. Have some compassion. Ask for another option instead.

– “Can we postpone to a later date?”

– “Are you offering any classes online? Streaming videos? I’d love to do that.”

– “I can’t travel right now. However, I don’t want to put you into a difficult financial position. Can we work together virtually? What are the options?”

Choose to help instead of hurt. 

You could say:

– “I don’t need a refund. Please keep my money. It’s a gift. I hope it helps you stay afloat during this tough time.”

So many entrepreneurs are waking up to hundreds of “I need my money back” emails right now, and it’s heart-breaking. 

Make a different choice. 

Choose courage, steadiness, generosity, and faith instead of fear. 

You could be the 1 email today that offers support instead of stress. 

It is possible to take good care of yourself, your family, your money—and others—at the same time.

Please don’t cancel and leave people in the lurch.

Your choices matter so much.


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