October 7, 2018

That weird lady…

I was chatting with a client. For a long time, she has struggled to show her true self to the world.

She puts on the outfit that is “just okay” instead of the wilder, more colorful one that she really wants to wear.

She voices an opinion that is “non-confrontational” rather than saying what she really feels.

In so many ways, big and small, she’s been “toning it down.” And she’s over it. She wants to break free.

“You know…” she told me, “I think it’s time for me to become ‘that weird lady’ that people talk about.”

I nodded emphatically. And then we both started giggling because… uh, YES! A million times yes. We all need to become “that weird lady.”

Become that lady with flowers in her hair. Become that lady with fire in her eyes. Become that lady who speaks up when nobody else will. Become that lady who knows exactly who she is and what she wants and goes for it with no apologies and no fucks given. Some may call this “weird.” Others will call it “inspiring.”

I know a lot of weird ladies. Weird ladies who wear shorts (even though they are over 50, gasp!), weird ladies who paint and belly dance and sunbathe naked, weird ladies who run marathons and households and business empires. Without weird ladies, our world would be incredibly boring and stagnant and companies that produce tight leather pants would go bankrupt.

Weird ladies: we need you. Come out of the closet. No more toning it down. Today? Tone it UP.





PS. There are a bunch of us “weird ladies” heading to Chicago for The FINISH Strong event. Are you a coach that hasn’t gotten your ticket yet? Be there. Bring your weird. Build your empire with us. 



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