September 25, 2016

That one time I got dumped…


Years ago, I collaborated with my good friend Brooke to develop a weight loss coaching program called The Weight School.

We ran the program for several years and it was stupendously successful.

We coached over 1,000 women. We earned serious money. We received joyful emails from customers saying things like “22 pounds down… and counting!” and “I feel at home in my body again.” The Weight School felt like a great online solution for so many women. I was so proud.

Then Brooke decided after working with a consultant that she wanted to focus more of her time and resources on her Life Coach School.

She tactfully and graciously explained that she was taking her business in a new direction and she didn’t want to co-teach The Weight School with me any longer. She was totally polite, generous and professional. Nonetheless, I was disappointed.

“What’s going to happen to The Weight School??” I wondered.

“I can’t teach this program all by myself. I need Brooke.”

“We spent so many hours developing these coaching materials—and now it’s just over? Just like that?”

“Sh*t. The Weight School is a great revenue stream for me.”

I fussed around in a state of deflation for about a week. Whenever I thought about The Weight School—or thought about re-writing and re-producing all of the materials to create a brand new program that I could teach on my own, without Brooke—I felt heavy, foggy, and exhausted. It all felt so overwhelming.

I took steps to lift the fog. I ran. I hit the gym. I talked to a few trusted Lady Boss friends and colleagues. I looked through my notes. I checked in with my gut. Eventually the fog dissipated and my vision became clear.

A new program.

A new message.

A solution to what I saw as the true underlying issue that I focused on with my own personal clients.

A new option for women who are ready to transform their bodies (and lives) permanently… with bravery, self-respect, and love.

I’ll call it…bare2_bare


{boom! lightning bolts and thunderclaps!}

After choosing the name “BARE,” my body felt electrified and I couldn’t wait to get started on developing this new program.

Since then…

— I developed the BARE weight loss process, which I trademarked with the US government. (So official, yo.)

— I’ve taught that process to hundreds of women and I’ve received emails from clients all around the world, sharing stories of beautiful breakthroughs and body-love. (“I just went jogging in a sports bra, no shirt. My stomach hasn’t felt the sunshine in years.”)

— I’ve certified coaches so that they can use the BARE process in their coaching practices, too.

— I’ve made money. Lots of it. More than I ever made while teaching The Weight School, in fact.

— I found the inspiration for my next book (topic: BARE, obvi) and the first draft is done.

— Through an amazing series of events, I got invited to go to BEYONCÉ’S DANCE STUDIO IN NYC (OMG x INFINITY!!!!!!) to take a dance class along with 10 amazing women from one of my BARE coaching programs.

It’s hysterical to me when I think back to how I felt when Brooke told me that The Weight School was over. I worried. I thought this was terrible news. I felt convinced that this was going to hurt my business and I would lose income. And if I had stayed locked into that negative mindset, maybe it would have.

But that’s the amazing thing about the human mind:

If you decide that something is the ultimate disaster, it probably will be.

If you decide that something is the ultimate opportunity, it probably will be.

If you’ve been dumped recently—or if you’ve been ghosted, rejected, fired, uninvited—you can panic about it, you can complain about it, or you can create a new opportunity and do something about it.

Disaster… or exciting detour.

Failure… or portal into the greatest work of your lifetime.

You decide.


PS. Want to become the type of woman who creates her own miracles? The type of woman who sends courageous emails, knocks on doors, makes the call, and makes things happen… instead of lurking at home with a Netflix queue and a long list of unfinished dreams? (LOL. But seriously.)

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