“If you have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn and be inspired by great coaches, this program is for you. The content is amazing and comprehensive…like a bird’s eye view in addition to the week by week rollout.”

– Amy Stone

“There is an energy that is both momentous but also calm and consistent. I’m learning practical steps to building a life that my clients will see as a great example rather than being an overstretched and overwhelmed reactive ball of energy. (Don’t be) nervous about joining; you’re given tools from the first day to lean on while you make them your own!”

– Emma Lavelle

“Being available to assist another person in acknowledging their potential is something I have longed to do for quite some time. The training provided at ULCT is giving me the background to pursue this dream. When people are provided a pathway to positive and meaningful options which will enhance their lives, it just takes my breath away.”

– Sherri Bradfield

“I knew I had the potential to help others show up for themselves and give themselves the care they deserve BUT I needed someone who could help me fulfill my own potential to then release it to the world. I knew I could trust Susan with not silencing me or trying to change me and also offer me the best team of dynamic feminist teachers I needed.”

– Helene–Jane Groarke

“If you’re looking for a robust curriculum, diverse faculty, and wealth of resources designed by an expert in the field, you’re in the right place. I’ve learned so much in a short time, even after pursuing 4 other coaching certifications. I know that everything Susan puts out is top-notch and her staff does not disappoint either!”

– Marianne Talkovski

“The ULCT training is robust and thorough. They break it down so it’s not too overwhelming and give you plenty of opportunities to discuss the content and ask questions. The faculty that they have brought together is something I have NEVER seen in any other coach training before! It’s diverse and intelligent, delivering their amazing knowledge to us. ULCT is the ONLY coach training to consider in my book!”

– Sandi Kosloski

“I highly recommend ULCT especially if you’re interested in really diving deeper from a diversity and inclusivity lens. It will not only make you a stronger coach, but make you a better ally in change.”

– Lindsey Alexandra

“Sensitive topics are always challenging to approach, which is why (DEI) education is so valuable. The approach of the (ULCT) curriculum is simultaneously direct and compassionate, allowing for a level of awareness that sets an example for the students.”

– Keli Jackson

“ULCT is the only coach training program that teaches coaching tools and techniques specifically designed to be inclusive and anti-oppressive. The instructors have unmatched expertise. And the environment of the coach training groups themselves is inclusive and supportive. This is the best training on the market.”

– Laura McCaffrey

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