November 15, 2020

Take Yourself Off Hold

All throughout this year, during the pandemic lockdowns, the Black Lives Matter movement, and election season, I’ve heard numerous women say:

“There’s just so much going on in the world right now. It doesn’t feel like the right time to focus on selling my services. I feel weird about promoting my work. I’m putting my business ‘on hold’ until next year.”

This hurts my heart.

It is especially painful, because it’s predominantly women saying this, not men. 

Women are far more likely to believe that their services aren’t really that valuable, that their work doesn’t matter that much, and that succeeding financially is somehow greedy or shameful. 

Do you know any men who have put their careers “on hold” this year? 

Any men who feel ashamed to seek out clients and earn a living? 

Any men who feel like they have to go silent and stop generating revenue because there is a pandemic happening? 

I don’t.

Take yourself off hold.

To every woman reading this:

Take yourself off hold.

Our world has serious problems, there is no question about that. To solve these problems, we need all hands on deck. 

Our world doesn’t need you to be “on hold”—setting your goals aside, playing small, or hiding. 

The world needs you to be determined, assertive, active, powerful, and strong.

This is not the moment to opt out. 

This is the moment to become stronger than ever—and that includes being financially strong. 

And if 2020 has been extremely taxing and exhausting for you, rest. Take a week off. Unplug. Take care of yourself. Rest. But don’t quit. There’s a difference.

I will not put myself on hold. Please don’t let anyone convince you to put yourself on hold either. 

Stay in the action. It’s where you belong. And it’s where you are needed.

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