November 29, 2017

Stop Waiting. Start Writing.

For many of us, there’s a little voice inside that says: “I want to write a book.” “I miss writing poetry.” “It would be fun to start a blog or a podcast.” “I used to do all kinds of creative projects when I was younger—why did I stop?”

But somehow, writing always gets de-prioritized. 

There’s work, laundry, errands, meals, all the demands of daily life. Somehow, writing (and other creative pursuits) always get pushed out of the way. 

If you’re ready to stop that pattern, please join us for a free 60-minute class called STOP WAITING. START WRITING. You can sign up right here!

. . .

In this free class, we’ll share…

•How to set small, sane, realistic writing goals that you can actually achieve.

(Tiny goals rock—and tiny projects can have a big impact on people’s lives!)


•How to make writing more fun—enjoyable, energizing, like a mini vacation—

rather than feeling like another stressful to-do on your list.


•How to determine when a piece of writing is

“done” and “good enough to be shared,”

so you don’t fiddle with it for 5,000 hours and stall forever.


•Inspiring true stories about kids, teens, and grown-ups

who decided to start writing—and did it.

These stories will help you burn through your excuses

and realize, “It’s time to do this, for real.”


This class is totally free. 

Bring yourself. Encourage your friends to show up, too. You can sign up right here!

(But if you can’t make it live, we will be sending out the recording.)

See you there! 



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