May 10, 2017

So sweet…

Happy Wednesday! About nine days ago, I opened the doors to a brand new writing class called DIG DEEP.

As a teacher, it’s always a little nerve-wracking to release a new class. “Will people like it? Will people sign up? Will people feel inspired? Or totally bored?”

It’s always such a relief when the first round of positive reviews comes tumbling in. “Phew! They like it!” 

Even though DIG DEEP has only been available for about a week, happy reviews and emails from our customers are already coming in… which feels totally amazing! Here’s a quick peek at what people are saying:

Awww! So sweet! Those messages mean the world to me. <3

And in case you’re wondering, no, it’s NOT too late to sign up for DIG DEEP. Here’s all the info about this class. You’ll find so much awesomeness inside—videos, workbooks, a list of 25 places that would love to publish your work, live Q&A sessions where you can chat with me and my co-teacher Alexandra Franzen, ask questions, get a pep talk, and lots more.

I believe that everyone can write, everyone’s life is interesting, and everyone has something to share.

I know from personal experience that one newsletter, one blog post, one piece of advice that you write can change someone’s day—or even change someone’s life.

But first, you gotta, ya know… stop stalling, sit down, actually write something, and find the courage to share it publicly. That’s why Alex and I created DIG DEEP. To help you do that. 🙂

We hope you’ll check out everything this class includes, and… maybe we’ll see you inside the classroom!

PS. Any questions about DIG DEEP? Check out the “Questions?” section at the bottom of this page, or send an email to and ask anything on your mind. Thank you!

PPS. Want a little taste of what DIG DEEP is all about? Come along to this free webinar. It’s happening tomorrow: Thursday, May 11th. Alex and I are diving into… CRITICISM! What to do when you get a mean blog comment, or a nasty email, or when you feel ignored or rejected. It can be a scary world out there, especially when you’re trying to write and share your work publicly. We hope this webinar leaves you feeling… a little braver than before.



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