December 25, 2016

So fun! Try this with me.


Hi you guys! 

Here at my house (aka the Hyatt Riot Crib), our Christmas tree is up and the lights are twinkling nonstop. We have officially entered the holiday season, which means: cozy socks, Fortnum & Mason tea, a roaring fire, and a little more “quiet time” than usual. 

I typically take three weeks off starting December 15 to recharge and rev up my engine for the New Year—and this year will be no exception! During that break time, I always like to look back at the past year, review everything that happened (as much as I can remember—LOL), and celebrate all of my victories, big and small. 

I came up with 8 fun end-of-the-year review questions, which you’ll see down below. Try these out! You can answer these questions on your blog, on Facebook, in your private diary, or you can use them as “conversation starters” at your next family dinner. Go around the table and have everybody respond to each question. I guarantee, it’ll be a stimulating conversation!

Here are the questions (plus my personal responses)…


What’s one thing that felt really hard this year?

My son Ryan switched from online high school back into a traditional high school. It’s a LONG story that I will share publicly—someday—and I’m happy to say that everything’s working out great. But it was a stressful transition filled with tons of paperwork, academic transcripts, and tense meetings with school guidance counselors. At one point, it looked like Ryan wouldn’t be able to graduate on time. I had a moment where I seriously considered pulling into Burger King to stress-eat my feelings, and people, that almost NEVER happens these days. Suffice it to say: it was TOUGH. But we made it through, as a family unit, and we’re all still intact. 

Parenting: it’s not for the faint of heart!


What was the brightest, sparkliest spot of joy in your year?

Getting an email from a transgender kid who told me that one of my Facebook videos gave them hope, and maybe even saved their life. 

Knowing that I can inspire and help people through my emails, podcasts, videos, and programs… there is NOTHING better than that. I’ll endure an avalanche of hate mail if it means I can save one teenager’s life. 


What’s the most disappointing thing that you experienced this year?


That is all.


What’s something you did consistently, completed, or achieved this year that made you feel so proud of yourself?

I am proud to say that I SHOWED UP for my business community every single workday, Monday – Friday, all year long. To me, “showing up” means: posting inspiring updates and videos on Facebook, posting new material on my blog, posting my weekly podcast, leading free webinars, sending out my newsletter, doing my Instagram dealio, all of that. 

Every single workday, I put SOMETHING on the Internet to inspire people, motivate people, and build excitement for my work. It takes a lot of energy to show up like that every day, but I do it with 100% JOY because it’s what I love to do. (Also, I know that showing up consistently = cultivating a strong network/community = consistent sales and sign-ups for my programs = dollars in my bank account. It’s all connected.)


What’s one thing you are FOR SURE not doing again—or not allowing to continue—next year?

Tolerating false friendships. Life is too short. Focus on the people who are there for you. Notice the people who do not “clap” for you. 


What were a few of your favorite projects this year? (Favorite programs, services, blog posts, podcast episodes, books, collaborations, personal art projects, home renovation projects, or… anything else?)

The RISE & SOAR travel magazine turned out STUNNING and I love it so much.

The BARE Deck is so gorgeous, it made me cry when I unwrapped it for the first time.

I definitely love working on my GO! podcast every week. 76 episodes and counting! (Note to self: I should throw a party to celebrate the 100th episode!)

International retreats. YASSSSSSSS. Feeds my soul. Every country is a master coach.

7 – #INSPO

Who—or what—inspired you this year?

I am continually inspired by Michelle Obama’s grace and poise. “When they go low, we go high.” HELL YES WE DO.

I am inspired by Beyoncé. (Haha, I know, whaaaat a surprise.) Her incredible work ethic, her artistry, and—particularly with her latest album, LEMONADE—her emotional vulnerability. 

My daughter, Emily, inspires me so much. Always. She is true to her beliefs, she stands up for herself unapologetically, and she has risen above many things I am not at liberty to disclose (ha!).


What’s one moment that made you think, “I can’t believe this is my real life”?

It’s hard to pick just one. 

Watching Emily, my teenage daughter, earn her driver’s license and drive off—without me in the car—was a huge “OMG!” moment.

Taking a group of clients on a Downton Abbey-themed tour of the England countryside was another one. 

Dancing my booty off in Beyonce’s rehearsal studio.

Also: seeing Paris for the first time.

Have fun with those questions—and enjoy these final days of the year. 

I hope they’re filled with everything you crave, whether that’s hot cocoa by the fire, a vacation, a nap, a girl’s night out with your friends, or a quiet night alone with your fave Netflix show and a NICE glass of wine. Open the good stuff. Just for you. You made it through the year and, like Flo Rida says, it’s time to “celebrate ‘cause that’s all I know.”




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