December 10, 2017

SLAY BELLS RING – Holiday Music Playlist for You!

Oh haaaaaay! Santa Hyatt in the house.

 We’ve got 21 days until the end of 2017. And look, I don’t need to tell you that it’s been an exceptionally crazy, distressing year for so many of us. From hurricanes to shootings to Trump’s daily antics, we’ve all been cringing and bracing ourselves for the next crisis.

 In difficult times, we can’t just lie down on the ground, cover our eyes, and moan. We have to take action. I know this. You know this, too. Action is the only way forward. As a wise woman once said, “Action is the antidote to fear.”

 There’s so much we can do to build a better world. We can march. We can donate. We can write and speak up. We can launch businesses, programs, and movements. We can gather together for support. And of course, we can turn to art—books, movies, music, and more—for inspiration and energy.

 I believe that the right song can shift your whole mood. If you need some fresh music in your life—a badass playlist to boost your energy levels and carry you through these last few weeks of the year—here it is: 

Your SLAY BELLS RING Holiday Music Playlist

It’s free to stream and listen.


And no, you will not find “Jingle Bells” on this playlist. This is a different kind of holiday playlist. It’s all of my fave songs from 2017 plus some throwbacks that I love. Songs I run and workout to. Songs that fire me up for a productive day. Songs that bust me out of a grumpy funk. I loved putting this playlist together. I hope you love it too!


Blast it loud. Dance around in your kitchen or office. SLAY the rest of 2017. Finish strong. Make memories. Make a scene. Make a difference.


This year is not over yet. There’s still time to scratch an achievement off your to-do list—whether that’s de-cluttering your garage or making an extra $5,000 or rebooting your workout routine, whatever you want to do. Commit to it & do it. I know you can.




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