May 18, 2020

Are you shrinking or expanding?

When it comes to your money, what are you focusing on? Where is your attention going?

Are you focused on shrinking or expanding?

Shrinking feels like:

– Anxiety.
– Tightness.
– Hoarding.
– Contracting.
– Not trusting others.
– Not trusting yourself.
– Not believing you’re capable of earning more.

Shrinking looks like: 

– Cutting personal and business expenses down to the bone.
– Being stingy with others, and with yourself.
– Canceling subscriptions and memberships.
– Firing workers (including domestic/household workers) or reducing their hours.
– Asking for refunds “just in case” you need those funds later.

There’s a difference between being attentive and responsible with your money, versus shrinking. Being attentive makes you financially strong. Shrinking does not.


If you have a huge financial goal—like paying off $100K in debt, or earning $100K for a big downpayment on your dream house—you will not reach your goal by shrinking. 

Shrinking might save you $1K, but shrinking will not generate $100K. 

Shrinking does not make you rich. To do that, you need to expand.

You can spend the rest of your morning on the phone with the cable company negotiating to shave $17 bucks off your monthly bill. {shrinking} Okay, you saved $17. Cool. That’s nice, but not exactly life-altering wealth.

Or, you can spend the rest of your morning outlining a new package of services, pitching it to your dream clients, getting a flood of enrollments, and making $17,000 in one day. {expanding} That is a far better use of your time.

Shift your focus.

Instead of: “How can I shrink my expenses down to the bare bones?”

Ask a new question: “How could I expand and earn more than ever before?” 

When you shift from shrinking to expanding, it changes your mood, your income, and even your physical posture. Your shoulders drop, your heart opens, you stand taller instead of hunching over your laptop panic-scrolling for bargains. 

Everything changes for the better. 

How can you *expand* today?

Susan Hyatt


PS. This Facebook community is filled with women who are committed to expanding, not shrinking. Come hang with us. 

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