December 15, 2014

Shoe Sale Energy. Get it, girl.

When my favorite local shop — Flutter — throws a huge, one-day-only sale on super-cute Frye boots, this is what happens:
1. No matter how “busy” I am that day, I am not missing that sale. Don’t even TRY to hold me back. Out. Of. My. Mother. Loving. Way.
2. Excuses and ass-dragging do not exist. I get myself down to the store SO fast it’s not even funny.
3. I text everyone I know to say, “OMG! GET DOWN HERE! This is the best freaking sale ever.” (I would feel selfish and guilty if I didn’t spread the word!)
I call this “Shoe Sale Energy.”
It’s the way you feel when something is so exciting, so compelling and so important, you will move heaven and earth to make it happen — and make it happen FAST.
You might not relate to “Shoe Sale Energy.”
For you, it might be “A Chance To Score Front Row Tickets To See Beyoncé Energy.”
Or “Hottest Restaurant In Town Is Giving Away $1,000 Gift Cards To The Next 10 People Energy.”
Or “Channing Tatum Wants To Give You A Free Lap Dance Energy.”
Whatever your personal version of “Shoe Sale Energy” is…
You need to feel that way about running your business, selling your art, building your coaching practice, or promoting your cause.
You need to feel a sense of urgency.
You need to feel a fire under your ass.
You need to feel energized and grateful to be doing your thing.
Most of all, you need to spread the word. Every day. Far and wide.
Emails. Texts. Social media. Face to face conversations. On air. Onstage. However and wherever you like to broadcast your products & services. You’ve gotta do it.
Because if you REALLY believe that your work is helpful, important and transformative —wouldn’t it be selfish to hide out and stay quiet about it?
(That would be like refusing to tell your girlfriends about the World’s Hottest Shoe Sale. When they find out you’ve been holding back, they’re going to be pissed!)
When you’ve got Shoe Sale Energy, no excuses will stop you.
You will move mountains to do what needs to get done.
You will make tough choices and treat your business priorities like, well… priorities.
You will create the time update your blog, bang out new products and delight your clients, no matter how busy you feel.
You will be unstoppable.
So, stop half-assing your way through the day.
Stop hiding behind excuses. Stop playing small.
You’ve got so much to offer the world and you do not have “forever” to do it.
I’m begging you, on my knees, with a pair of Frye boots in my arms.
Get your ass to the shoe sale.




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