Your ULCT Roadmap

An audio series by Susan Hyatt

Map out your future plans as a Certified Life Coach

Tune in as Susan breaks down frequently asked questions, benefits of becoming a Certified Life Coach, and action plans to achieving success in your business.


Why become a Life Coach? // And why choose the University for Life Coach Training?

Some people feel the call. It comes from inside. You feel a tug at your heart, and you just have a gut feeling that THIS is what you’re meant to do at this moment in your life. You want to help people in this way. You want to make a difference.


Once you’re a certified Life Coach—then what? What are your options? // Exploring career paths.

Many people ask me, “So, what does a Life Coach actually DO? What’s a typical workday for a professional coach? And, what kinds of career paths are there?” Life Coaching is a flexible career with many options. I’ll walk you through just a couple of those options.


Life Coaching: full time career or side hustle?

You can launch a coaching practice and do coaching full time, or part time, or very very part time. There are so many options. And the cool part is, it’s okay if you don’t have all the answers—or don’t have a clear path—right now.


The University for Life Coach Training // Meet the Faculty

Here at the ULCT, one thing we’re very proud of is our outstanding Faculty. We bring you brilliant authors, leaders, scholars, extraordinary people who have accomplished so much, and who will inspire YOU to be your very best self.


Your Next Steps

Maybe you have a few questions, or you’re in the curious, exploratory phase. Maybe you’ve established your business and are looking to grow. Whether you’re BRAND NEW to coaching or you’re a seasoned coach and want to reach your next level, we have options for you.