August 3, 2016

Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette: on Body Image, Questioning Your Beliefs, and Practical Tips For Making Change


Hey peeps!

I’m so excited to share this with you. On Monday, my friend Nicole Antoinette released season 6 of her podcast, Real Talk Radio, and I am thrilled to be a featured guest!

45 - Susan Hyatt

I shared some of my favorite personal stories about how I became a coach, the evolution of my body image and my relationship with food, and how I have learned to set boundaries in my life and work.

I talked about the difference between being nice and being kind, I described the dark side of gratitude, and we dug into why it’s so important to let yourself want what you want.

We also talked a lot about the value of questioning your beliefs and the stories you tell yourself about how you “should” act, and I gave practical tips for making change. I loved getting to know Nicole, and was so honored when she said she walked away from this conversation with a feeling of freedom about making non-mainstream or non-traditional choices, and about choosing her own path. I hope the same is true for you!

Listen to the full episode here.




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