March 11, 2014

Praying for a miracle? Your Fairy Godmother’s number is already in your phone.

I define a “miracle” as “getting what you truly crave.”
And the other night? I had a powerful craving.
I wanted a chill evening at home with a handful of girlfriends. Watching Downton Abbey. Enjoying a glass of wine. Talking about our dreams and making vision boards. Just an easy, happy connection with a couple of women I love.
I Facebook messaged them. They came. We played. I got exactly what I wanted. A miracle!
And after that night, I felt so recharged — like I’d just taken a weeklong vacation at a luxury spa.
In my blissed-out state, I started rolling back through the past 40 years of my life, making a mental list of some of my favorite miracles — big and small.
And I realized that nearly EVERY single miracle could be traced back to one source.
My circle of friends.
Specifically: my circle of girlfriends.
 Miracles like …
: Getting to meet my fantasy-country-husband, Keith Urban, because of one very well-connected coach-friend. (THANK YOU FOREVER!)
Miracles like …
: Committing to running 4x a week and actually DOING it, because my longtime gal-pal was waiting on my doorstep, sneakers laced, every day.
Miracles like …
: Feeling OK about my parenting skills, even when things get messy, because of the love and support I get from my homies … who’ve been there.
And the biggest miracle of all:
: Watching my teenage daughter, Emily, create strong, supportive female friendships at school. And having her actually SAY to me (hold the phone! is this happening?!):
“Mom: you’ve inspired me to make friends with people who make me feel good about myself, and avoid people who don’t.”
A sincere compliment from my teen? Yeah. I’d call that a miracle.
Minor miracles happen every day. Major ones, too.
And if you look closely, I bet you’ll discover that your sister-friends are usually playing a pivotal role.
Which is why I’m obsessed with getting women together, face-to-face.
And why I’ll be holding a LOT more Downton Abbey parties in the future, at my place.

What kinds of MIRACLES have happened for YOU, because of your girlfriends?
Make a list. Drop it down below. Then send this post to a friend and say, “See what you did? You’re magic, mama.”





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