January 17, 2021

The Power of Moments

How can we feel truly happy?

How can we feel less stressed?

How can we create better relationships?

How can we spark creativity and stay inspired?

How can we create a life that feels rich and meaningful–a life that’s more than just a series of emails and conference calls and workdays that pass in a blur?

There is one thing that, I believe, is the answer to all of these questions.

That one thing is… being awake inside of our lives.

Not half-awake. Fully awake. Eyes open. Heart open. Jaw-dropping-open with awe. Awake enough to see, touch, and feel into each moment as it happens.

The big moments. The quiet moments. The moments while traveling. The moments at home. All of it. The full spectrum.

Recently, I took my newly adopted rescue Beagle, Mork!, and my 80 pound grandpuppy, Caesar, on a cold and muddy hike. The Silver Fox was there too. 😉 As we hiked I watched the two dogs tromp through the stream and race back and forth along the trail. 

I watched them frolic with such joy and delight…and I began to tear up with gratitude, and all I could think was, “I am so grateful to be here, right now, inside of this moment.”

I’m grateful for that moment and for so many moments.

My first cup of coffee every morning when the house is dark and still.

Biting into a homemade empanada in Barcelona.

Watching Derry Girls late at night with my daughter. She’s obsessed. She doesn’t know it but I just like to watch it with her so that I can hear her laugh.

The crunch of fresh snow under my sneakers when I’m jogging outside in the wintertime.

Getting the text from Ryan that said, “I got accepted into college” while I was doing a webinar. I cried on camera in front of my audience.

Living vicariously through my daughter during our month (pre-covid) in Paris: she met someone in a museum (they were gazing at the same painting) and went on a date. Like in the movies!

Jumping topless into the lake and feeling the cool water wrap around my skin–my favorite kick-off-the-summer tradition.

Savoring warm lemon cake with a cappuccino, while watching the Mediterranean glisten.

Watching my children serve as pallbearers for their grandfather, and honoring a life well-loved and well-loved.

The satisfaction of sinking into bed after a good day’s work.

That moment, every single Sunday, when my husband asks, “How many eggs do you want with your bacon?”

. . .

I once met a man who was unimpressed with everything, even first class airfare and catered meals from a private chef.

I once met a woman who was disappointed with everything, even a private guided tour of Paris and a 5-star hotel. (“Not 5-star ENOUGH,” she complained.)

Conversely, I know people who rejoice after getting their very first customer (ever!) and making their first $10 sale, people who rejoice for the simple pleasure of warm bread and salted butter, people who rejoice for anything and everything, who keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge just in case a celebration might break out today.

We all get to decide, “Which type of person will I be?”

Perpetually dissatisfied? Or perpetually amazed? Perpetually searching for a “better” moment? Or thrilled to be inside of this moment, right now?

This is a choice that we all have to keep making, minute by minute.

How will you exist inside of this moment? And the next?

Will you sleep through it? Complain through it?

Or will you see your life for what it is…

A miracle that happens just once.



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