(Podcasts & TV)

Go Time TV

You’ve got goals, so what are you waiting for? It’s Go Time!

This weekly show inspires you to stop stalling and making excuses, and get moving! Launch that side-hustle, declutter your closet, write your novel, enroll to get that PhD, ask that cutie on a date, or whatever you’ve been longing to do. It’s time to bust a move.

Each episode features a mini makeover segment, advice from Susan on how to tune up your mindset, plus occasional guest appearances from Susan’s friends, family, and pets! Totally binge-watchable, entertaining, and motivating. You’ll be obsessed.

The Rich Coach Club Podcast

You’re a coach, and you’re determined to start making more money? This show is for you! New episodes drop every Monday to get your week started off right!

Listen and learn how to build your dream coaching practice, develop exciting offers for your clients, clean up your mindset, and develop an unstoppable attitude.

Plus, you’ll love the interviews with top wellness coaches, life coaches, relationship coaches, and other professionals who share their rock bottom moments, their biggest victories, and the daily habits that lead to success.

The Bare Podcast

You only get one life. Make it count.
You only get one body. Give it love.

The Bare Podcast is all about treating your body with love and respect.

Get inspired to take better care of yourself, eat well and exercise consistently, clear harmful influences out of your life (including your social media environment), and treat your body like a friend. Make small shifts that lead to big changes in how you feel.

This is not a weight-loss show. We encourage you stop obsessing about your weight, and instead, focus on doing things that make you feel strong and powerful.

Instead of counting carbs, how about…negotiating for a raise, planning an exciting trip, or launching that business you’ve been dreaming about? Incredible things happen when you stop criticizing your body…and start expanding your life.