August 6, 2018

Would you like to make more money?

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Hey! Happy Monday! This is Susan Hyatt, and it’s GO time. This is a podcast where we talk about your goals, your dreams, and how to get more of whatever you want.

I call this podcast GO because it’s all about taking action right now, TODAY. This podcast is not called “Wait.” It’s not called “Maybe Later.” It’s not called “Pause and worry and ruminate for the next six months.” This podcast is called GO! Because that’s what I want you to do. I want you to swing into action to create everything you dream about. And I want you to start today. No delay.

This is episode number 161 and today we’re talking about money y’all.

Would you like to make more money? I have a challenge this week to help you with that. Whether you want to pay off your student loans, live debt free, travel the world, support a favorite charity or cause, you’re going to need money. And when women have more money, they have more power, so it’s one of my favorite things to help female entrepreneurs do #moremoney #morepower. Listen to this week’s episode, do the challenge, and let’s get your money mindset right!

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Wanna read the full transcript? Here ya go:

So let me ask you a question… Would you like to make more money?

Most people would say, “Yes! I’d love to have more money! Of course!”

Here’s a follow-up question: Why do you want to have more money?

For what reason? For what purpose? What does making more money mean to you? How would it change your life? it’s very important to understand why you want the things that you want, whether it’s more money, more media coverage, more influence, or something else completely.When you understand WHY you want something, it energizes you, it clarifies your next steps, and it helps you really commit and stick with it. Let’s find out.

Let’s find out! 

Which of the following statements sound most like “you”? 

As I roll through the following statements, take a mental note when you hear me say something that really resonates with you. Maybe even pause this podcast for a few seconds and write it down. If you hear me say something and your body starts tingling and your face breaks into a smile or you feel really energized and you think, “Yes… that is totally me!” Take note of that. OK? Here we go…

Do you want to make more money because… 

– You want to upgrade your quality of life.

– You want to pay off your student loans or credit cards.

– You want to pay off your mortgage faster and own your entire house, every square foot, with no debt—all before you turn 50 years old.

– You want to be a role model for your kids and show them it’s possible to follow your dreams and build a meaningful, profitable career.

– You want to make history and earn more money than your father, grandfather, and great-grandfather combined.

– You want extra fun-money for travel, beauty, pleasure, and inspiration.

– You want extra biz-money that you can reinvest into your business to create a new product or develop a new program.

– You want to feel financially independent and not have to rely on anybody else to support you.

– You want to look at your bank account balance and feel ease, not stress.

– You want to fill a swimming pool with dollar bills and diamonds and hop inside and then make a J.Lo-inspired music video. (Haha, yessssss!)

– You want to put your kids into the best possible schools.

– You want to put yourself into the best possible schools.

– You want to use your money to do great things—like starting a scholarship fund, supporting a Presidential candidate that you admire, or writing a check for an organization that’s changing the world.

Maybe one of those reasons resonated with you, or maybe several?  

OK, so here’s my challenge for you this week. It’s a three part challenge. 

Part one. 

Write down WHY you want more money. At least one reason why. Maybe one of the reasons I just mentioned. Or maybe something else. 

Part two.

Write down how much money you would like to earn in the upcoming year. Write down that number. And yes, I know it might feel scary to write down that big number. Just do it. Write it down. Get on paper.  

Part three. 

Write down one idea on how you could create that number. What could you do to earn or create that money? Do you need to launch a new product? Do you need to raise your hourly rate by 20%? Do you need to sell that car that you never drive, or that house that you don’t really like? Do you need to start a side business? Or a full-time business? Do you need to apply for a grant, an award, a scholarship? Write down at least one idea on how you could create the amount of money that you want.  

Got that? Let’s recap.

One. Why you want more money. Two. The amount that you want. Three. At least one idea on how you could start creating the amount of money that you want. 

You can do this. That’s all you need to do this week. Just write down those three things. This is the first little baby turtle step towards creating the wealth and freedom and financial power that you crave. You can do this. I am SO rooting for you to succeed. 

Nothing makes me happier than seeing women rising higher and higher, reaching new levels of financial success. When women have more money, this means they also have  more power… and when women have more power, the entire world benefits. Lord knows, we need more women running companies and communities and cities and countries!

So get that dinero. It’s GO time.






PS. Before you go…

If you are a professional coach or consultant — any type of coach, a life coach, business coach, wellness coach, empowerment coach, writing coach — check out my program, Clear Coaches. 

This is a program for coaches who want more clients and more money.

If you’re thinking, “yes yes yes, that’s me, I want that,” then here’s what you do… Google “clear coaches” and a webpage will pop up with all the info about the program… or, send an email to

Send an email, let us know that you’re interested in “clear coaches,” and we will email you back ASAP.

Let’s get you making serious money, and feeling so THRILLED about your coaching practice. I would love to help you get to that next level. 

Because feeling broke is so 2017.

It’s money time and it’s GO time. Have an amazing week … and I’ll see you with another podcast next Monday!

Susan Hyatt

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