February 12, 2018

What is the point?

Hello and happy Monday! This is Susan Hyatt and it’s GO time. This is episode number 135.

In this episode we’re talking about stress, burn out, and working too damn hard.

Because, people, this is an epidemic… and we need to talk about it.

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Wanna read the full transcript? Here ya go:

I’ll start with a quick story…

There was this one day—about twelve years—back in a very different chapter of my life.

It was a Sunday afternoon. My family and I had spent a blissful day by the lake—swimming, sunbathing, sharing a picnic.

And then, the day was ending. The sun was dipping down. It was time to load the kids into the minivan and drive home.

And let me tell you… I did NOT want to face Monday morning. I didn’t want to head back into the real estate office—which is where I worked back then. All the paperwork. The voicemails I had to return. The pile of emails flagged as “urgent.”

I was DREADING Monday morning.

As my husband buckled the kids into the van, something washed over my body—this big wave of emotions. Exhaustion. Sadness. Anxiety.

And then… I collapsed. I slumped down on the dock by the lake. I started sobbing. My husband rushed over.

He asks me, “Oh my god, honey, are you OK? What happened? What’s wrong?”

My sweet husband was so confused. He kept asking, “Susan, what’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

And honestly, I didn’t know how to explain.

What’s wrong?

What’s wrong is that I don’t like my job.

But more than that, what’s wrong is I don’t have any BALANCE in my life.

‘Cause back then, I worked nonstop. Seven days a week. Around the clock. I slept with my phone beside my pillow. I was constantly plugged in. I was afraid to step away from my desk for more than a few hours. Even on weekends and lake days, I was always in work-mode, always checking my phone, always worrying about the next item on my to-do list.

I never stopped working… and it was becoming totally unsustainable. My heart couldn’t take it anymore. I was collapsing, inside and out.

That day was a turning point in my life.

Slumped on the dock, that’s when I finally realized,

“This has gotten out of control. Being a workaholic is wrecking my quality of life. It’s impacting my family, too. What is the POINT of working so hard to make money… if I am totally miserable?”

Seriously, what’s the point?

What’s the point of crushing your business goals… if you’re driving yourself into panic attacks and depression?

What’s the point of seeing all those digits in your bank account… if you’re one heartbeat away from cardiac arrest?

What’s the point of winning that prestigious industry award… if your kids can’t remember the last time you spend a Sunday afternoon without your phone glued to your hand?

It’s great to be ambitious. But health, self-care, sanity, a good quality of life, relationships with our loved ones—these must come first.

Unfortunately, I waited until I had a rock bottom moment — collapsing by the lake — before I woke up and realized this.

I hope you won’t wait that long.

I hope you won’t wait until you’re sitting in a hospital bed with adrenal failure. I hope you’ll choose to make changes now.

As you’re making your business and career plans for 2018, I encourage you to ask yourself questions like these:

– How do I want my life to feel?

– What’s the point of all this work, anyway?

– What am I working towards, really?

– How could I make my business more sustainable?

– How could I bring more pleasure and more balance into my life?

Please spend some time thinking about those questions.

Maybe there are some simple changes you could make, right away, to shift how your life feels.

Maybe you could turn off your phone at 6pm, or stop checking email at 4pm. Like, ACTUALLY STOP.

Do whatever you need to do to create more balance.

It’s great to be ambitious. But please, I am begging you… put your LIFE first, not your career. This is the only life you’ve got. It’s happening now and then it’s over.

Please don’t work yourself into the ground. Please don’t burn yourself to a crisp. Please take good care of yourself. Let your career be a beautiful PART of your life… but don’t let it consume your WHOLE LIFE.

OK, that’s my audio-sermon for you this week. Have a fantastic week. Work smart, slay your goals, but don’t work TOO hard, ok?

. . .

One last thing before I go…

If you’re listening to this podcast and thinking, “Oh my god, yes… I would LOVE to figure out how to work less and have more balance in my life…” I’ve got something to help you out.

It’s a program called CLEAR COACHES, and it’s where I teach business and marketing skills with an emphasis on SUSTAINABILITY and BALANCE.

It’s all about making a great income without burning yourself out.

This program is geared towards coaches and consultants. Life coaches. Wellness coaches. Nutrition coaches. Writing coaches. Business coaches. Coaches, motivational speakers, healers, people who do inspirational work in the personal growth industry.

If that’s you, check it out. 

We’re going to put some links in the show notes.

You can also Google CLEAR COACHES to see all the info on the sales page for the digital program. 

I actually have something else starting right now that’s application based.

It’s called CLEAR COACHES SELECT and in this program, I’m going to be working PERSONALLY with a small group of ten to get some stuff done in an eight week period.

I already sold out one group of ten, I’ve got my second group of ten filling up. I think there are about three spots left.

This program usually fills up really quickly, so if it’s already full, you can sign up for the email list… and you’ll get notified when registration opens again in the future.

Again, just Google CLEAR COACHES and you’ll see the page pop up.


I would LOVE to help you build your dream coaching practice. A coaching business that supports your LIFE. A business that energizes you instead of draining you. Yes, it is possible. You can create it.


It’s GO time.







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Susan Hyatt

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