October 9, 2017

Making life easier… or harder?

Hello, hello! This is Susan Hyatt and it’s GO time.

In this episode I’m sharing some business wisdom with you that will make your life soooo much easier. 😉

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This is episode number 114.

If you’re new to this show, this is a podcast where we talk about a wide range of topics: business and career goals, health and wellness, confidence and self-esteem, and more. Ultimately, this show is about getting clear on what you want, taking action, making things happen, and getting things DONE.

That’s why this podcast is called GO. Not WAIT.

In today’s episode, I’m going to share some business wisdom with you.

Although, really, this wisdom applies to everybody… not just entrepreneurs.

Here’s the story…

Awhile ago, I was hanging with a close girlfriend of mine. She’s normally a laid back, happy, hysterically funny woman. Not that day. That day, she was completely irritated. And with good reason.

She’d hired a team of (supposedly) top-notch event planners. She’d paid them thousands of dollars to produce a relatively simple event. But instead of making her life easier, they were making her life so much harder.

All throughout the event, they’d come up to her with problems.

“We’re out of coffee.”

“The sound system isn’t working.”

“The van driver didn’t receive his check.”

“Someone needs to put these chairs away.”

“Actually, we’re not allowed to serve wine in that area.”

It was totally annoying. Here’s my friend, trying to be a gracious hostess at her event, and enjoy herself, and instead she’s being peppered with nonstop issues. Her event planners are tapping her shoulder every 30 minutes with some new crisis that, apparently, SHE needs to solve.

My friend kept thinking to herself, “Um, excuse me. Didn’t I hire YOU so that you could anticipate all of these details and, like, you know… RUN THIS EVENT FOR ME?”

She’s not pleased. She intends to write a formal complaint and request a partial refund. As far as she’s concerned, these event planners didn’t plan diddly-squat. Instead of being problem-solvers, they were just problem-creators.

There’s a valuable lesson here for anybody who runs a business.

People hire you because they want you to make their life EASIER… not harder.

If you want your clients to rave about you, post 5-star reviews, and hire you again and again, you’ve got to make their lives easier, not harder.

Anticipate their needs. Anticipate their desires. Anticipate problems and solve them. Report back to your client to say, “Here’s what I’ve handled for you. Yay! All done! Don’t worry about a thing!” Do NOT report back to your client to say “Uh oh, here’s the latest problem… what should we do?”

If you’ve got a 9-to-5 job, this applies to you too. If you want to get an amazing performance review from your boss and a promotion, make their life easier, not harder.

It’s really just that simple.

Here’s my question for you:

What could you do to make your clients’ lives easier?

How could you simplify things for them? How could you create little miracles for them? How could you make them swoon and go, “Oh my gosh, you are just SO THOUGHTFUL”?

Whatever it is… just do it. Your clients will appreciate you to the moon and back. Your bank account will start looking pretty damn nice. Your professional reputation will soar.

If you make people’s lives easier, not harder, they will adore you forever.

So, get out there and make someone’s life easier. This may sound so obvious, but GOOD LORD, it’s something that so many people forget.

Be a problem-solver, not a problem-creator.

It’s GO time.

PS. I have something to make your life much easier. Get ready for BARE Daily. Doors open November 1.

Susan Hyatt

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