May 4, 2020

RCC 89: How to Become In Demand

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Have you ever come across someone or a business that seems to be consistently in demand? Maybe it’s a hairstylist or a restaurant with long wait times and is impossible to get a reservation at. What are they doing to create huge demand for their services?

As a coach, you too can become hugely in demand. On this episode, I’m using three of my clients as examples of what it takes to be in-demand coaches. Jessica, Brenda, and Crystal all have some qualities, habits, and systems in common that make them irresistible to their clients, and I’m breaking it all down for you here so you can emulate what they’re doing and upgrade your own business.

Join me on the podcast today to discover what it takes to become in demand. I’m discussing all the things that you might need to consider to make your own business so enticing that you’ve got long waitlists of people waiting to work with you. These small shifts will make a huge difference in your bank account, and make sure to check out my digital program, In Demand, if you want help doing this!

Want to upgrade your business and never worry about *finding more clients* again?  Learn how you can build a solid reputation, set up new systems, and become a sought after coach that’s always IN DEMAND.  

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The qualities, habits, and systems that in-demand coaches all have in common.
  • What to focus on when an obstacle arises in your business.
  • How to cultivate qualities that make you solution-oriented.
  • Why moving your body makes you wealthier.
  • How to become an in-demand coach.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach and you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I'm psyched for you to join me on this journey.

Hello, hello. Alright everybody, I have a girlfriend who loves getting eyelash extensions. Obviously not right now. We’re in the middle of the pandemic. But typically, she’s all about those J-Lo lashes. But not just any old lash extensions. They have to be these really high-quality really natural looking lashes.

So here’s a quick story. This happened a while back. My friend found a lash lady in her town who came highly recommended. She texted to schedule an appointment. And the lash lady is like, “Oh sure, I’d be happy to see you. My next opening is in two months.” Two months for lashes? No joke.

This lash lady is basically the Lizzo of lashes. You want to see her? You better get in line. And you better not miss your appointment or show up late because good luck getting another appointment with her. You’ll be seeing her in 2026.

This lash lady is in demand. Her calendar is always full and on the rare occasions when she miraculously does have an opening, all she needs to do is text her favorite clients and say, “Hey, I had an unexpected cancelation,” and that spot, it gets snapped up instantly.

She never has a shortage of clients. In fact, she often has to turn clients away or put them on a waitlist. Okay, so if this lash lady can build a huge demand for her services, then you can too. Obviously, you can do this. As a coach, you can become hugely in demand.

And that is what today’s episode is all about. How to become in demand. We’re going to look at three coaches who’ve created huge demand for their services. Yes, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. And we’re going to look at the qualities, habits, and systems that these three coaches all share in common.

What are they doing that you could emulate? How did they create so much demand, even right now with all the financial uncertainty in the air? Well, you’re going to find out. This is such a hot episode and I’m excited to dive in and share all the info with you. It’s go time.

We’re starting with a segment that I call your two-minute pep talk. A dose of positivity, motivation, and smart ideas to get your week started off right. I’m going to be upfront and let you know today’s pep talk might be longer than two minutes because we’ve got a lot to discuss. Okay, enjoy your bonus minutes and don’t @ me.

Jessica Miller, Brenda Lomeli, Crystal Thompson. What do these three women share in common? Number one, they’re all coaches. Number two, they’re all clients of mine right this minute. Number three, they’ve created huge demand for their services even amidst the pandemic, and they’ve all had a big avalanche of money roll in.

Okay, let’s talk numbers. Jessica made $30,000 through her coaching practice during the last two months. I actually think it’s a little more than that by the time of this recording, which is more than she earned during all of last year. Brenda had her highest sales ever during this pandemic. Crystal was on the brink of shutting down her coaching practice because she was so discouraged about not making money.

Then she changed her mind and she changed her strategies and systems and I’m recording this in late April and this month of April, she’s on track to earn $20,000. I think she just messaged me the other night, she had reached $16,000 and climbing.

So by the time we reach May, I’m sure it will be totally 20K. People, this is a woman who was generating not much money through her coaching practice just a few weeks ago. From nothing to 15K is so awesome. It’s amazing what happens when you decide not to give up and decide to go all in on your goals instead.

Coaches like Jessica, Brenda, and Crystal, coaches who have built huge demand for their services. What do these coaches share in common? What are the qualities, habits, and systems they use to create these kinds of big financial victories?

Well, here’s what I’ve observed about these three women. First, let’s talk about qualities. All three women are positive, hardworking, creative, and resilient. They don’t give up easily. I mentioned Crystal almost gave up on her coaching practice but at the last moment she changed her mind. She got her mindset back on track.

All three of these women are also what I would call solution-oriented thinkers. This means when a problem arises, these are the types of women who ask, “Okay, what’s the high-quality solution to this problem? What’s the next move?”

They’re focused on solutions rather than focused on problems. If you’re a naturally positive, hardworking, creative, and resilient person, amazing. Lucky you. If you don’t naturally possess these qualities, then you’ve got to cultivate them. This means working on your mindset daily.

As a professional coach, you probably have tools for doing this. Tools that you recommend to your own clients. Make sure you’re walking your talk and using these tools yourself. Are you meditating? Doing affirmations? Doing thought work? Making your daily gratitude list? Getting your mind right?

If things have slipped lately, get yourself back on track. This is crucial for becoming in demand. Alright, what about habits? What about the habits and what kinds of habits do Jessica, Brenda, and Crystal share in common? Well, all three of these coaches work on their mindset daily. That’s something we just discussed.

All of these ladies get coaching from me and they do self-coaching on themselves as well. They work on their thoughts every day and all three of them have a consistent business schedule. This means even if she’s working from home, she’s got consistent office hours.

She’s not just rolling up to her computer when she feels like it. She’s not working one hour on Monday and then 14 hours on Tuesday. She’s got a routine and a schedule, and she treats her coaching business like it’s an actual business and not a hobby.

Also, all three of them exercise. I know some of y’all don’t like how much I harp on the importance of moving your body, but the proof is in the pudding, or rather the proof is in the bank account. Working out makes you wealthier. And it doesn’t matter what kind. People who exercise consistently tend to be less depressed, more energized, healthier and happier than non-exercisers.

That translates into a healthier business and income. Listen, I’m living proof of this. And look, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing brutal CrossFit workouts seven days a week. It could be gentle yoga. It could be hiking with your dog. It could be a fun Peloton ride with your favorite pop music.

Figure out some way of moving your body that feels good to you, what feels like love, and do it. Three days a week, absolute bare minimum. More if possible.

So we’ve discussed the qualities and habits that in-demand coaches share in common. What about systems? Here’s what I’ve noticed about Jessica, Brenda, and Crystal. All three have some kind of sales system in place, meaning a system that’s set up in advance and that functions either automatically or almost automatically to bring new leads to their website and then convert into actual paying clients.

And there are lots of different kinds of sales systems. So it could be Facebook ads that encourage people to book a consult, which leads to hiring you. It could be Facebook ads to webinar to consult. It could be a landing page that gets people to sign up for your free webinar and then a follow-up series of emails that people get post-webinar.

And those emails then turn those webinar attendees into paying clients. Bottom line, these three women have systems in place to get leads and convert leads into clients. They’re not just winging it. And when it comes to getting enrollments, they’re not just emailing people willy-nilly or begging friends to help promote their offers.

They’ve got smart systems in place, automated systems. And this makes a huge difference. So take Brenda for example. She had a really great sales funnel in place, but what she started noticing is that it wasn’t working the way that it had been working before. So we worked with her to change some things.

We changed her sales video, we tweaked her slide deck, and she changed her pricing. And then ultimately, things really started popping that led to that banner-winning, highest-earning month and day of her entire business history in April.

Lastly, all three of these highly in-demand coaches have invested in themselves and in their businesses. They’ve invested in business coaching through my mastermind programs, my coach training programs. They’ve invested in getting help to build new systems, and their investments are paying off.

Alright people, so there you have it. Qualities, habits, and systems that three successful coaches share. And based on what I’ve just shared, what’s something you could upgrade this week to set yourself up for success and build demand for your services?

Maybe you need to work on your mindset. I know I’ve been doubling down on my mindset work during the pandemic. Some days it’s better than others. Maybe it’s time to get a daily exercise routine going to boost your energy and clear your mind.

I know for me, my routine was really changed when we were ordered to stay at home. I’ve been working out with my trainer via Zoom, I’ve been working out in my basement, I’ve been using nature as much as possible. But maybe it’s also time for you to get a real sales system in place.

I operated my business for years without having a very organized sales system. But once I did, it was pretty amazing how my income shot through the roof. So get your Facebook ads rolling, get your free webinars happening, get your email funnel sequence written and set up.

I know so many coaches who don’t have any kind of system, like I used to be when it comes to getting clients. I would just hope for referrals. Maybe you’re crossing your fingers and praying for sales. If that’s you, no shame. No worries. Don’t feel bad about it. Just address it. Get a system, boo.

You’ll be delighted by how swiftly things change once you get a sales system in place. And if you feel overwhelmed by all this, get some help. You can hire me and my team. We’ll help you. I actually just put together a digital program called In Demand that’s all about- you guessed it. Helping you build huge demand for your coaching services.

Just Google Susan Hyatt In Demand and all the info will pop up. Or you can email my team,, or check out the show notes. We’ve got links to this of course. In Demand is a great program for coaches of all experience levels.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the business 20 years. Some of our testimonials are from coaches who’ve been in the business for 20+ years. If you want more clients, more enrollments, more cash, then In Demand is for you. And bottom line, if you want to be in demand, then do the program called In Demand.

I’d love to help you get a flood of enrollments and get you just doing a happy dance of relief and excitement across your office floor. Let’s get to work. Pep talk complete.

Now we’re moving into the part of the show where I give shout-outs to you. Shout-outs to all you amazing listeners and clients and people in my business community. And today, I want to give a shout-out to Kelly Schafer. So Kelly has been a member of the Rich Coach Club private Facebook group, which is free. If you’re not a member, you should join.

And she recently signed up for In Demand, the digital program I just mentioned. Kelly has been in business for a long time. And before she purchased, she asked a lot of questions about whether or not this could benefit her. She’d been very experienced doing launches and running her business.

And she posted in the group, “I have absolutely loved this training and EVERYONE who is launching a program of any size should be investing in this. #justsaying.” Thank you so much, Kelly. I can’t wait to see how many sales you reel in after experiencing In Demand.

So those are my shout-outs for today. And if you have something nice to say about this show or my programs, send an email to, post a five-star review about this podcast, and you might hear your name on a future episode. I just love giving shout-outs to people in my community so holler at me. Thanks for the love. I love you right back.

Alright, one more quick thing for today. At the top of this episode, I told you a quick story about an eyelash extension technician who is consistently booked up months in advance. Why is she so successful? How come she’s so in demand?

Well, several reasons. Number one, she’s offering an awesome service that many people really want. Number two, she does high-quality work and her clients rave about her. So she’s established a real word of mouth buzz. And number three, she has tons of rave reviews on Yelp and other places with photos too.

And number four, she runs her business like a boss. Consistent hours, consistent policies. No wiggling, no haggling. If you miss your appointment, listen, you still get charged full price for being a no-show. No exceptions. If you need to reschedule, okay, but that means you might be waiting eight weeks for the next available slot. She’s very firm on her policies, which I obviously agree with.

So I want you to think about a business owner, a service provider, or maybe a fellow coach who is consistently in demand. Maybe it’s a hair stylist you love or a personal trainer or even a restaurant that’s always packed. Where is it difficult to get a reservation or you have to wait two hours to sit down for brunch? Think about this business.

And then ask yourself, what are they doing to create huge demand for their services? What are they doing right that maybe I could emulate? And what could I start doing? So study a successful business that you love and admire and then upgrade your own business accordingly.

Thank you for listening to today’s episode. I hope you took down some notes about how you can build way more demand for your services. What qualities do you need to cultivate? What kinds of daily habits? And how about systems, peeps?

Other business owners have and continue to build major demand for their work, even during recessions, even during the pandemic, and you can do this too. Surround yourself with positive people. People who’ve got a yes-we-can-demic attitude so that you can stay lifted and stay focused on solutions instead of problems.

The Rich Coach Club Facebook group is a great place to find those kinds of people. Join me in there if you’re not already a member. It’s free. And be sure to check out my program, In Demand, which helps you create irresistible offers that people want to buy.

And then more importantly, actually fill those offers. Check that out. I’d love to help you become in demand just like Jessica, Brenda, and Crystal, and many other clients of mine who I’ll be highlighting, who are surviving and even thriving amidst this pandemic. This is doable so let’s get you doing it. See you next week.

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