January 15, 2018

How to do an “Environmental Detox.”

Hello and happy Monday! This is Susan Hyatt and it’s GO time. This is episode number 131.

In this episode we’re talking about how to do an “Environmental Detox” and what amazing things can happen in your life if you do!

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Wanna read the full transcript? Here ya go:

If you are new to this show, hello and welcome! This is a show where we talk about goals, and courage, and going after what you really want in life.

I drop a new episode every Monday to get your week started off right.

This week, I have an inspiring story for you…

One of my clients emailed me recently, and she told me:

“Susan, I’ve lost 30 pounds over the last 8 months.”

She told me she’s feeling so strong, energized, and more optimistic about the future than she’s felt in a long time. So cool.

And here’s the BEST part:

She didn’t lose the weight by dieting or obsessively tracking calories and carbs. She didn’t lose the weight by doing a juice cleanse or anything like that. She lost the weight because she did an ENVIRONMENTAL DETOX.

“What the heck is an environmental detox?” you might be wondering.

Well, it is actually pretty simple. This is a concept that I teach to women inside my BARE DAILY program. It’s a concept that has totally changed my life and I LOVE sharing it with women.

Here’s how it works…

To do an Environmental Detox, what you’re doing is… you look at your environment and you assess how it’s making you feel.

First, you look at your physical environment—like your bedroom, your kitchen, your office.

Then you look at your media environment, like the TV shows you watch, the websites you visit regularly, and the books and magazines you read.

And then you look at your social environment—your circle of friends, the people you hang with.

As you examine each part of your environment, you ask yourself questions like:

– How is my environment making me feel?

– How is my environment influencing my mood?

– Is my environment making me feel energized or exhausted?

– What kind of message is my environment sending to me? If my environment could talk, what would it be saying to me?

– Is there anything in my environment that really stresses me out? Anything that feels really negative? Anything that feels toxic?

And then, one piece at a time, you go through your environment and you clear the toxic shit OUTTA THERE.

Anything that feels exhausting, disempowering, draining, harmful, or toxic… BYE.

OHHH my god. This is such an INCREDIBLE thing to do. It feels so liberating.

When you do an Environmental Detox, you will lose about 10,000 pounds of emotional weight. You will feel so much better. You will sleep more deeply. You won’t feel stress-related food cravings as much. Literally everything feels better.

And soon, the physical weight starts melting away too—because it’s much easier to take good care of your body (and eat well, and exercise regularly) after you’ve detoxed your environment, first.

So, my client who lost 30 pounds? She credits her weight loss to doing an Environmental Detox.

She discovered that all of her magazines told the story of a “broken” woman who needed to be somehow “repaired” and she cleared that out of her home.

She also took a long, hard look at her social circle. She realized that she had quite a few “friends” who really weren’t good friends at all. They just wanted to get together to whine about their jobs, or whine about their husbands, or drink too much. Not exactly a fun, energizing experience. So, my client decided to distance herself from some of those friends—immediately, she felt so much better.

AND, she found some new friends inside the BARE DAILY community. Inside BARE DAILY, she’s meeting women who want to celebrate life and celebrate their bodies. Women who want to take excellent care of themselves instead of whining or making excuses or gossiping… or engaging in draining behavior like that.

My client upgraded her social circle in a BIG way—and it’s having a direct impact on her body.

My question for you this week is…

Is it time for YOU to do an Environmental Detox?

I bet it is! I do this regularly, several times a year, and no matter how many times I do it… I always discover something new that I can release and clear away.

So, this week, I’m urging you to pick one area of your environment and start detoxing. It can be something small—like one bookshelf. Start somewhere and get started. I promise, you will feel better right away.

And if you want to do an Environmental Detox with ME and with a bunch of other women… sign up for BARE DAILY!

This is an online membership community filled with amazing women, and I’m leading everybody through an Environmental Detox starting in January. We’re all going to do it together, and we’re all going to post photos and updates and victories inside the Facebook group. It’s going to be SO INSPIRING and so much fun. Come join us!

Go to https://universityforlifecoachtraining.com/baredaily/ to sign up for BARE DAILY.


Or Google BARE DAILY and the sign up page will pop up. That’s BARE, as in beautiful BARE skin, DAILY.

Or find me on Facebook. I’ll be posting info about BARE DAILY all week long.

You can do a 1-month membership to try things out, and there’s no pressure to continue. Or you can do a full 12-month membership. Whatever you wanna do.

I hope I’ll see you inside BARE DAILY in 2018!

It’s such an incredible community, and such a beautiful investment in your mental health, your confidence levels, and of course, your body. What a fantastic gift to give yourself to kick off the New Year!

See you in there!

Have an amazing week, y’all.

It’s GO time.

Susan Hyatt

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